Twitter Recent Images – a slippery slope of feature creep?

August 23, 20110 Comments

Twitter have rolled out a new feature showcasing galleries of recently uploaded images from users. Galleries  display the 100 most-recent images the user has shared with their followers dating back to January 1, 2010, from supported photo-sharing services. Clicking view all launches a gallery in either details or grid layout, showcasing that users recent image […]

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Need to Archive and Search your old Tweets? ThinkUp.

June 7, 20111 Comment

Thinkup is a fantastic open source application for better managing, searching and archiving your social updates.

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Using Twitter to effectively report breaking news.

February 12, 20110 Comments

Twitter has fundamentally changed the way news is reported. Here’s how to find the information you need to move even quicker on a story.

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Inside Datasift: A quick review

December 15, 20102 Comments

A quick run down / review of the feature set and a glipse of the possibilities with the new data mining service for the social web – Datasift.

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Fun Twitter bug- A sign of shortcodes to come?

April 28, 20102 Comments

A recently discovered interesting little Twitter bug which had me scratching my head recently.

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Twitter announce business model, in form of promoted tweets.

April 13, 20104 Comments

Just woke up to a new post in Google reader from the guys at Twitter. Looks like they have finally figured out what the business model will be, in the form of a value added service – Promoted Tweets. This little stroke of genius puts allows you to pay for the privilege of exposure, starting with a […]

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Twitter running on App Engine?

February 3, 20102 Comments

Just received a pretty interesting Google alert this morning for – my Twitter account. I’m pretty sad when it comes to this stuff, however every once in a while in turns up something interesting. Anyway, the alert in question gave out this URL – which looks to be an exact copy of my Twitter account, […]

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2009 this is real-time.

August 13, 20097 Comments

There’s absolutely no denying that this year on the web, for many companies, realtime delivery of information is the dream to chase.

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Yahoo launches new Twitter tool Sideline

March 31, 20092 Comments

An interesting move by Yahoo today, as they launch their own Twitter search tool. An indicator no doubt of the importance that is being placed on Twitter as a platform for search.  Like some of the Adobe AIR  applications that have preceeded it (Tweetdeck and rTweeter) – it is built using Adobe air, which offers […]

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Guest post at Twitip

March 28, 20091 Comment

Quick post for those of you who haven’t already seen it – I have recently guest posted over at Twitip – thanks to Darren and Lara for accepting my application to write. Take a read over there and let me know your thoughts. I have focused on the benefits of Twitter for receiving real time […]

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