DIY reputation management with Netvibes.

March 18, 200917 Comments

Reputation management is everywhere, you can’t turn a corner on the web without seeing another service crop up out of the woodwork to monitor your company reputation online. Infact, there are entire companies working on commercial services to do just that. Trackur is one, Ratepoint another. So how do you go about doing this yourself? […]

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Twitter – The ego has landed.

February 20, 20095 Comments

Twitter, either love it or hate it – it’s here to stay. Having been converted to the ways of it, after some deliberation its fair to say I’m addicted. But here’s what continually frustrates me to the point of crying.

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Twitter experimenting with a new ajaxy web interface update

February 9, 20096 Comments

Twitter appears to experimenting with a new Ajax update system. Screenshot inside.

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Friends, Relatives and Followers.

January 23, 20091 Comment

Came across a great link to create a Twitter follower mosaic. Big hello to all you guys.

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Twitter Appender with Log4Net.

August 9, 20080 Comments

For those ASP.NET developers amongst you who don’t know what log4net is, it is the best logging platforms for code monkey’s there is. It uses various appender structures to send log messages to different protocols, e.g. you can send your log messages to email, or to any TCP port, or to a file or to a database. […]

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