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What does your blog design say about your personality?

November 26, 20070 Comments

The WWW is filled with a plethora of blogs. But what does your blog design say about your personality? You use the Kubrick theme. You love the simple things in life. You’ve decided that the function of your blog far outweighs the need to decorate it with pretty pretty’s. An out of the box kinda […]

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Why wordpress will convert developers away from Microsoft.

November 22, 20070 Comments

I’m a dotnet guy through and through, I like it, I’m pro Microsoft. I run an XP desktop at home and work, its great. But one thing about Microsoft is rubbish – the greed factor. I may be pro MS but I also like a bargain. If you are running a successful blog, changes are […]

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If you’re ‘in IT for the money’. You are in the wrong game.

November 22, 20070 Comments

My advice? If you are in the IT industry for the money – excuse the pun- you’re in the wrong game. Don’t get me wrong – I love what I do day in day out, and I wouldn’t be able to look at a computer screen everyday otherwise. I’m not in it for the money […]

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I just want a nice javascript clock widget.

November 20, 20071 Comment

I’ve been working on a project at work recently, and having finished it (or so I thought) it was handed over to someone else to test. Its amazing just how much effort you really need to put into testing a web application thoroughly. A scary amount of bugs and test cases can creep in – […]

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Attention to detail is everything with design.

November 19, 20070 Comments

The majority of designers know this already, and I’m probably stating the obvious, but the thing that separates the good from the excellent with any design work is attention to detail. Knowing the tools for the job to create finishing touches also helps but it’s always worth looking at a design you create for a […]

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Choosing a domain name – the lowdown.

November 13, 20073 Comments

Choosing a domain name for your business can be crucial to its success or failure online. Many people think that their initial choice should be the business name, however a little creative thinking goes a long way online. More often than not a business name is simply too long to consider seriously for a domain […]

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Design is mightier than the sword.

November 11, 20070 Comments

This post highlights just how important aesthetics are to your business, and the impact that graphics can have on visitor impressions, and on search engines strategy.

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