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8 of the best web design resource pages

June 8, 20090 Comments

Finding great web design resources is tough work. A good number of resource pages have cropped up on the web, and are must bookmark sites for the creative professional. Here are eight of my fav’s definitely worth checking out for future reference.

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17 more must see horizontal scrolling websites

May 24, 20097 Comments

Some of these sites have been around for a while, others have just been launched on the web. If you are looking for inspiration when designing a site that you think would work well with a horizontal scroll, here are 17 more horizontal navigation sites, some utilise flash and some good old html and css.

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Refreshing web design ideas from Front.

May 23, 20092 Comments

Refresh Belfast is a regular meetup of designers, programmers and pretty much anyone involved in the web in the Greater Belfast area. It is designed to help educate and grow the community at large, encouraging debate, best practise and standards, and is part of the Refreshing Cities movement.

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13 creative websites to find fresh and new music.

April 26, 20096 Comments

Many designers feel more creative when there are tunes playing, and with the rise and rise of internet radio a few choice sites have popped up for designers to get their music fix – all without leaving the comfort of their designers chair.

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35+ websites to gain serious design related traffic

April 14, 200932 Comments

The first thing that I do when I’m promoting a particularly good piece of content is to scope out the websites within the design community that allow user submitted content. There are a couple of larger sites / blogs with good content that allow this – a simple tagline with a link that can direct […]

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5 must see techniques for sexier web fonts.

April 5, 20090 Comments

For creative graphic designers, fonts on the web have always been (and probably always will) be a bone of contention. Essentially typography on the web has been limited to a small subset of fonts that exist on the three major platforms (Win / Mac / Linux) – and thus creative use of these has come […]

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6 must see sites with unique keyboard navigation

March 1, 20091 Comment

Keyboard navigation is something that many of us simply ignore. That’s the browsers job right? Well, it is sort of.  Some developers have decided to go the extra mile, and implement custom keyboard navigation on their sites, to further enhance keyboard navigation using javascript. Even some sites which don’t implement custom javascript navigation via the […]

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Web design in the cloud. A pancake tuesday guide.

February 24, 20094 Comments

In the future, it looks very much like there is a real possibility that the processing of all (or most of our apps) will be done server side. Already, a lot of us use web applications to get the web design job done.

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14 Useful online tools for webdesign planning and prototyping.

February 22, 200933 Comments

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. An old adage and one that still rings true. With any website project, it can be easy to just jump straight in and start developing, once you have client approval before taking time to plan. By the time you show your first iteration of the design […]

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14 awesome open source music sites for digital creatives

February 21, 20099 Comments

Hopefully this compilation of free open source and creative commons licensed music will help you to find the tunes you need to compliment your project – and who knows maybe it will help to propel the artist(s) to stardom.

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