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17 mega-creative side scrolling websites.

December 29, 200810 Comments

Side scroller websites have been around for quite some time, but with the penetration now of javascript effects and frameworks, some new sites popping up around the web are really beginning to shine. Some of the following websites show how javascript can be employed to great effect to create eye popping content and imagery. Enjoy […]

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Design and social proof.

December 11, 20082 Comments

The recognition of your brand online is connected extremely closely to your site design. In fact I’d go as far as to say that your brand is your design. It’s never been more important to look good, in order to attract customers / visitors. The bar has been set high – look at the site […]

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Just launched. Just-launched.com

November 27, 20080 Comments

It’s my second blog, and has a design that for once I’m actually quite pleased with – not being much of a designer. Had the idea for a blog / magazine that would let me focus on a few other topics that weren’t really suited here. And what better way to celebrate our blog birthday […]

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12 amazing form creation sites for web developers.

November 25, 200812 Comments

Form submission – its a definitive must have feature of every website. But what if you aren’t sure how to program one yourself – or worse still you’ve taken on a client who refuses to pay for it? Enter 12 web based form submission tools, which host both your form, and your data – taking […]

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30 stunning photography porfolios that will blow your mind.

November 17, 20085 Comments

Photography – it will either make or break a web design project. We all know the impact that good photography has on design. So here for your viewing pleasure, is not only some of the leading photographers in the world, but photography portfolios which are really worth shouting about – mostly with creative and well […]

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16 creative shop designs for tee-shirt lovers.

November 6, 20082 Comments

I love tee-shirts, (and so do loads of designers) and thanks to the joys of the interweb,  t-shirt lovers have plenty of choice. I’ve hand picked this ickle collection of 16 of my favourite shop designs. Oh and the t-shirts on sale aren’t half bad either.  DesignByHumans http://www.designbyhumans.com/ FullBleed http://www.dobi.nu/fullbleed Busted Tees http://www.bustedtees.com Imaginary Foundation […]

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Google Analytics visualisation tool.

October 30, 20080 Comments

Following on from this news..Google have also now incorporated a visual tool for analysing referrals. It’s still in beta, but uses a fancy flash mapping for showing visitor depth. Look at all the pretty colours. ;o)

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110+ javascript / Ajax bookmarks for web developers

October 29, 20086 Comments

I’ve been playing with some neato javascript bits and bobs recently – and the wealth of open source bits and bobs out there is amazing. This post is a little roundup of some things Javascript that I’ve spotted (and duly bookmarked) on my travels, that will defo come in useful in most web development projects. […]

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26 pager styles from around the web (css, images and html)

October 27, 200816 Comments

After having a few projects recently that needed pagers for datatables in ASP.NET – I decided to trawl through a few sites looking for some alternative pager styles. Smashing Mag had a great article on paging – but alas no css or HTML to be seen. Hopefully this will be a useful resource for you […]

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Word Up.

October 20, 20080 Comments

I’ve posted previous about the importance of tagging. Well, here’s one more cool reason. Wordle – takes your blog RSS feed, or a string of words you have created, and makes a neato mashup of the tags you have used. Here’s what it has generated for us: The implementation is a bit sticky. I freakin […]

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