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Hackers Build Siri Clone in an Afternoon.

January 31, 20120 Comments

Following a Quora thread asking exactly how hard it would be to implement an Apple Siri clone from scratch, NiobiumLabs alongside some  students of the National Technological University of Athens decided to have a bash at exactly that. Utilising freely available open source tools, the team managed to create a working clone of Siri in just an afternoon. […]

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3 digital storytelling apps to watch out for in 2012.

January 25, 20121 Comment

Storytelling is hot right now. This collection of apps showcases some of the best digital storytelling available on the web today.

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Improving click through rates with killer organic results.

January 22, 20121 Comment

Click through is one of those factors that can make a difference to your traffic. Learn how to improve it.

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Small is the new big – social media is growing up.

January 17, 20121 Comment

Small is the new large in social media, and I’ve no doubt that trend will only become more evident in 2012.  As users have got to grips with the platforms already available to us, we have come to realise the benefits in cultivating tighter, smaller and more valuable relationships with others online (as we do in […]

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Will Google link business pages to profiles in the SERPs?

January 9, 20120 Comments

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges that Google currently face is getting businesses to engage with people on their platform.

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10 reasons why people didn’t share your last blog post.

January 5, 20121 Comment

You can’t expect every piece of content you create online to be a hit. It takes a while before you recognise the patterns in your writing that have become successful with your readers, that you can use to replicate that success.

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Impress.js – the creative javascript presentation library.

December 31, 20111 Comment

Impress.js is a javascript library which takes the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions and enhances it

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15 useful apps for successfully live blogging your event.

December 26, 20111 Comment

With the growth of social media live blogging is certainly here to stay. With these resources you’ll be able to tap into that trend.

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Bottlenose – the multi porpoise social media dashboard. ;o)

December 13, 20111 Comment

Bottlenose attempts to make sense of the information within in an easy to navigate, multi purpose social media dashboard.

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Google Currents – Content Curation for Mobile.

December 11, 20110 Comments

URL: Google Currents is a new mobile centric curation tool released from Google. (Not yet available outside of the U.S. although I managed to get around it with Market Enabler. ) According to the Google mobile blog – Content on Currents is optimized solely for smartphones and tablets, allowing you to intuitively navigate between words, […]

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