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What bloggers want from your startup website.

April 18, 20111 Comment

As bloggers, we are often faced with finding as much information about services and products as we can to create a perfect post. I do my fair share of review posts, but it never fails to amaze me when companies and startups miss the subtle details in their marketing efforts to deliver the information bloggers need to write about them there and then.

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Goodsie – DIY hosted e-commerce done right

April 13, 20110 Comments

Goodsie allows anyone to create a simplified, bespoke e-commerce solution that allows anyone to sell physical or digital goods. Frustrated by some of the complexities of other hosted e-commerce platforms out there, Goodsie aims to bring things back to basics, with a clear and simple approach to e-commerce.

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6 apps that are killing the business card.

April 12, 20113 Comments

The humble business card. Revered by designers, lusted after by business people. Are they just a bit old fashioned now? Or will we still be swapping contact information on cardboard for years to come? This collection of some of the web’s coolest identity based startups are sure looking to change all that, with centrally, easily […]

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Screenr – one click screencast tool for the web.

April 10, 20111 Comment

Screenr is a cross platform, cross browser screen casting web application, which makes it perfect for user training and showcasing product demos.

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Why photographers should be using Panoramio.

April 9, 20111 Comment

Google’s Panoramio is a often forgotten acquisition by the search giant -they don’t exactly push hard at the marketing of it. I’m predicting that over time it will play a much bigger role along with Picasa as an element in their social strategy going forward. For now though, Panoramio offers photographers, and those of us […]

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Google push “Reading level” feature to the masses.

April 9, 20110 Comments

Google have made an aesthetic change to two features which were previously hidden underneath advanced search. Both the dictionary definition tool, and Google Reading level have now been integrated firmly into the sidebar.

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PusherApp – realtime push notifications for your web application

April 9, 20111 Comment

For me, one of the most exciting technologies to come out of the HTML 5 spec is WebSockets. A new way to “listen” for incoming messages and events occurring from the server side and pushing out the information to web browsers in realtime. Traditionally, developers have to regularly poll for information – which puts both stress on the client browser, and can be out of sync with the remote server. WebSockets aim to change all of that.

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5 of the best online code editors for fans of the cloud

April 5, 20114 Comments

Browser based software has never been more impressive and I am continually blown away by what some people have managed to squeeze out of the humble web browser.

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Fear can stop you blogging. Blogging stops your fear.

April 4, 20111 Comment

Many of you regulars will have noticed my posting frequency on this blog, going into hyper drive in the past couple of months. What was previously about one post a week (at best) is now averaging out at about (4.9 posts per week). The different types of content has ranged from easily digestible snapshots of […]

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Clouds – sit back and fly with WebGL

April 3, 20110 Comments

Clouds is a new experiment from the talented javascript developer Mr Doob, who has brought us a number of the demo’s showcased on Chrome Experiments. This latest featured experiment published on his website yesterday uses the full power of WebGL to brings us depth of field and an amazing 3d experience in the browser. You can see […]

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