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SmartClock – Internet Connected Digital Metrics At Your Fingertips

November 20, 20130 Comments

As the “Internet of things” trend continues to gather steam, more and more companies are innovating with cloud connected physical devices that connect the web with the real world.

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Zapier – Automate Your Business Workflow

November 19, 20130 Comments

Zapier have taken the automation concept and applied it to webapp APIs, concentrating on web based API’s such as Zendesk, Freckle, Github, and a whole bunch of others.

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Facebook Introduces Like and Share Buttons Redesign

November 6, 20130 Comments

Facebook have announced that they are rolling out a new design to their Like and Share buttons over the coming weeks. They have also released details on the current penetration –  with installs on over 7.5 million websites, and 22 billion views daily.  The new design is being rolled out in stages (across a % of users) […]

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16 Useful Services to Rock Your Startup Like a Boss

November 5, 20130 Comments

With business to consumer markets often being harder to penetrate, its no surprise to see more and more niche startups that solve business problems for other technology companies. I thought I’d share a few of the notable enterprise services I’ve spotted recently that have positioned themselves as business to business solutions for startups. Error Handling and […]

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Why Marketeers should care about Google Analytics Demographics.

October 26, 20130 Comments

If you have already spotted it, some funky new reports are available for Google Analytics – visitor Demographics.

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What does the future hold for the web?

October 20, 20130 Comments

Sometimes its fun to do a little star-gazing, and having considered that we are pretty much living in the future now, I wondered what it might be like to experience the Internet and some technology advances in anything from five to ten years. Here’s just a few of my own thoughts on what the internet […]

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How to Enable Facebook Graph Search (UK users)

October 13, 20130 Comments

If you are in the UK , and want to gain access quicker to Graph Search, there’s a simple hack you can do to turn it on and experience the joy that our US counterparts have already discovered.

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Undocumented SEO – Google On / Off Tags

October 8, 20132 Comments

Want to specify which parts of your page Google index? Have you got content you would rather they didn’t index at all?

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Macaw – the design tool we’ve all been waiting for.

October 5, 20130 Comments

URL: The design community is well accustomed to tools that showcase layouts and design to clients. Photoshop, Fireworks, illustrator etc all do a stellar job of realising the vision that a designer has in their head and showcasing it in flat image formats. The problem is; to bring that design to life on the […]

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First Glance – Inside Google Helpouts

October 2, 20130 Comments

Google have begun the invite process for Google Helpouts. Get first glance of inside the interface.

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