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5 lessons webdevelopers can learn from Nintendo’s WII business model.

December 16, 20077 Comments

Everyone in the gaming industry has been surprised by Nintendo’s rise and rise in the video gaming market. Their new console the Nintendo WII (for those of you who have been living under a rock) has blindsided the major market dominators Microsoft and Sony. November 2006 was the first time that Xbox, Nintendo Wii and […]

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Great Design Music you Know, and Great Design Music you dont. Part 1.

December 15, 20071 Comment

Graphic designers are often some of the most interesting people you will ever meet, they push the boundaries on alot of things, and from what I’ve found, Music tastes are no different. Some of what we listen to can be categorised firmly under “experimental” So if you are looking for some great music to get […]

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Is listbait worthy of a mention in attracting visitors?

December 12, 20071 Comment

Listbait is an art. People who like making lists (obsessive compulsives etc), are generally brilliant at it. You see these on Digg, and Delicious all the time. 20 ways to get rich quick, 100 Top CSS directories. You know the drill. But do they achieve results? In the past I’ve created traffic booms by using […]

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How quickly do you reply to email?

December 11, 20071 Comment

If you are running a web based business, then it is absolutely crucial that you reply quickly to emails. Your customers expect a reply from an online store, or business quicker than they would if they left a voice message. The reason being – an online shop – if open, carries the same expectation that […]

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A trip to the outback…Apple releases Safari for Windows

December 11, 20070 Comments

Apple (yesterday) announced that they have released a Windows version of Safari. From first impressions, it looks really nice, and it will enable web developers country wide to get a decent level of testing for Mac’s browsers, without splashing out on an Actual Mac. It uses the exact same rendering engine as for the Mac […]

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Week 1. Linky Post. December 2007.

December 7, 20070 Comments

Google makes use of its stake in AOL, integrating AIM into GMail. Feeling festive, Microsoft Kills Santa The big G launches a new IPhone interface and lines up to buy a Wireless Spectrum in January Facebook Apologise for Beacon privacy issues. Nielson has a peek at Video copywrite solution.

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Matt Cutts verses Aaron Wall. And the winner is..

December 7, 20070 Comments

It appears the blogosphere has noticed a bit of tension between these two chaps. If you don’t have a baldy notion who Im on about, Matt Cutts is a Google Engineer, and has become a public speaking Google guy over the past couple of years. Aaron Wall is a well known author of Search engine […]

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An interesting round up of UK celebrity bloggers.

December 6, 20071 Comment

I have been doing some background reading today – just to see what celebs we know and love are embracing the blog platform. Some come out and do it themselves, others hide in the closet behind a content editor (with probably more PR knowledge, and to prevent drunken posting ;o) ). Stephen Fry – Interestingly, […]

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Are you shooting yourself in the foot? Don’t monetize too early.

December 5, 20070 Comments

Monetizing a blog too quickly can spell disaster.  If you manage to keep your site ad and revenue free for as long as possible, chances are your personal brand (you) will have much more credibility in the future. Take a look at any of the major large startups (particularly Web2.0 startups) and you’ll see a […]

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Microsoft releases Webmaster Tools. Hooray!

December 4, 20070 Comments

Microsoft has today finally released Webmaster tools to the public. On first analysis there really isn’t anything to write home here, but it can only be good for sites to start to adopt MSN’s tools as well as Google and Yahoo. Google highlight problems with their crawler on your site, and Im sure MSN will […]

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