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How to find just about anyone online.

December 27, 20071 Comment

A recent issue cropped up where I decided to put my people hunting skills to the test. I was inspired by some of the bits and bobs I had learned at Lifehacker, and wondered – if armed with nothing more than a domain name, is it possible to track someone down? Well, if you happen […]

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Becoming a Facebook popular player.

December 23, 20072 Comments

I’ve decided to start embracing Facebook more. There are tons of people out there, people I haven’t met, who are probably fantastically interesting. So in true internet fashion, lets start adding randoms to my profile. I’m going all out. For the record if you like. I going to see how many people I dont know […]

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Why do you need your own domain to blog successfully?

December 22, 20074 Comments

Many first time bloggers start out using the free accounts at Blogger, or TypePad. The reason for their generousity in providing you with a blog is twofold. 1) They retain you as a visitor, i.e. once you sign up and start blogging you will be unlikely to leave. That can result in increased revenue for […]

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Zero to Web marketing hero in how many days?

December 22, 20070 Comments

The Great Webdistortion Chocolate Experiment.. As I discussed in this post, I’ve had a bit of an idea for promotion of this blog. Simple bribery. Everyone knows the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, so what better to offer bloggers…good old fashioned chocolate.not that there aren’t any lady’s out there or anything, […]

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How to make something out of nothing.

December 21, 20070 Comments

If you are an avid reader of any blog, you will notice the bigger players in the blogosphere are inherently good at creating a blog post about news which has recently hit the web. Often, the news is so small and apparently uninteresting that the rest of us think “How can I make  a freakin’ blog post about […]

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The Big G releases sitemaps for Video

December 19, 20070 Comments

The Big G (our own little nickname for Google), has released a new sitemaps protocol for video. So if any of you guys hosts videos on your site, its time to get integrating into your sites. More information can be found on the official Big G blog. Any plugin developers for WordPress feel that this […]

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What unique ways have you came up with to promote your site?

December 19, 20071 Comment

How often do you think about different ways to market your site? Maybe your business website looks after itself, and churns along merrily without much interaction from you, but how much busier could you be if you actively set about marketing your website? Personally, I’ve come up with a few ideas for marketing this site […]

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75+ CSS Galleries to submit your sexy sites to..

December 18, 20079 Comments

Everyone knows that CSS Galleries are a great way of getting backlinks. Combine with a directory list, and you are well on your way to site success. Get those fingers clicking chaps.. […]

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Make your Blog Bootie like the FTSE.

December 18, 20070 Comments

In the financial world people invest in stock because the investment is likely to earn more money through returns. In the world of blogging, the investment comes from the time people take to read your posts, and the returns that they get are the following: Entertainment Give people something to digest that they haven’t seen […]

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13 of the Best Festive Flash Games for Christmas 07.

December 17, 20070 Comments

Tis the season to waste time playing games online – and we love our viral flash games. Here’s some Christmas Crackers to keep your thumbs from twiddling this Christmas.. Speedy Santa – Pilot the man in red around the firebox race track. If you make it round the track in time you’ll get yourself a […]

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