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What is the long tail strategy? Amazon as a case study.

November 15, 20072 Comments

The long tail strategy is a theory based on the fact that if you spread yourself widely enough, that visitors will come to your website as a result.

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Google launches social networking “OpenSocial” platform

November 13, 20070 Comments

Every smart marketer realises that getting in on the recent hype of social media is a smart move. Traditional marketing is giving way to a new exciting method of marketing communication, blogs, viral media, and social networks all have one thing in common. They are young and dynamic and typically understood by the younger generation. […]

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Choosing a domain name – the lowdown.

November 13, 20073 Comments

Choosing a domain name for your business can be crucial to its success or failure online. Many people think that their initial choice should be the business name, however a little creative thinking goes a long way online. More often than not a business name is simply too long to consider seriously for a domain […]

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Online marketing without measurement is dead.

November 12, 20072 Comments

IF you are still relying on guess work in your marketing campaigns, you aren’t really marketing. The online media presents multiple opportunities to measure ROI – here are a few of the ways in which you can do so.

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The majority of web design companies just dont get SEO.

November 12, 20071 Comment

Some companies are far too comfortable in their business offering, and the way they traditionally win new tenders. Isn’t it time they started investing time and efforts in SEO?

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Six web celebs I’d love to have on IM.

November 11, 20070 Comments

It would be great to have some people available on instant messenger, this collection of so-called web celebrities would be my own pick of the bunch.

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Design is mightier than the sword.

November 11, 20070 Comments

This post highlights just how important aesthetics are to your business, and the impact that graphics can have on visitor impressions, and on search engines strategy.

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The business case for blogging.

November 10, 20071 Comment

There are a number of reasons that you should be blogging for business. This post highlights some of the reasons, and how to maximise the impact that your blogging impacts make on your visitors. Click to find out more about them.

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