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7 content promotion strategies for healthier website traffic.

October 11, 20115 Comments

Content promotion isn’t rocket science, it does however, when done right, take almost as much time as the content creation process itself.

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How to datamine facebook (without getting sued)

October 24, 20101 Comment

Ever wondered how to get more information out of Facebook? Surely there is a better way than their current search to mine data from their servers. This post explores some of the options.

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BT caught with its Pants down. Phorm is bad news.

June 5, 20081 Comment

For those of you who haven’t been following the story, BT broadband in the Uk, amongst others (Virgin Media / Talk Talk / Carphone Warehouse) sometime in 2006 secretly partnered with an advertising network known as Phorm allowing broadband users’ browsing habits to be exposed to targetted advertising via the web. The Register has been […]

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