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App reviews? We don’t need no stinkin’ App reviews.

April 12, 20150 Comments

When it comes to mobile applications, the app stores of Google and Apple are, for most, the first port of call for critical review and helping to determine whether something is worthy of downloading. Added to that, mobile App Store SEO relies heavily on positive review scores to rank applications higher in the results, bring […]

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Hackers Build Siri Clone in an Afternoon.

January 31, 20120 Comments

Following a Quora thread asking exactly how hard it would be to implement an Apple Siri clone from scratch, NiobiumLabs alongside some  students of the National Technological University of Athens decided to have a bash at exactly that. Utilising freely available open source tools, the team managed to create a working clone of Siri in just an afternoon. […]

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You can’t measure emotion.

December 4, 20111 Comment

One important value we often miss when examining business metrics is emotion.

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Magic Trackpad, more than just another interface device?

July 30, 20100 Comments

The real reason Apple have launched the Magic Trackpad, laying the ground work for a military assault on the desktop market in 2010.

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How business leaders and entrepreneurs of today avoid burnout.

June 4, 20082 Comments

At the minute my work life balance has gone a bit nutty. I’m trying desperately to finish off a major project at work, and coupled with a part time course, and a mountain of paper work – it’s more difficult than ever to find the time to get posting. No matter, where there is a will […]

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