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The Problem with Techcrunch

March 5, 20120 Comments

Any of you that follow tech news closely will be all too aware of the recent drama at TechCrunch.

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3 digital storytelling apps to watch out for in 2012.

January 25, 20121 Comment

Storytelling is hot right now. This collection of apps showcases some of the best digital storytelling available on the web today.

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10 reasons why people didn’t share your last blog post.

January 5, 20121 Comment

You can’t expect every piece of content you create online to be a hit. It takes a while before you recognise the patterns in your writing that have become successful with your readers, that you can use to replicate that success.

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A kick ass guide to growing your website traffic online

May 15, 20113 Comments

Growing website traffic is hard. This guide takes you through the complete ins and outs of how to do it, from seo, to content strategy to marketing and promotion.

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What is an influencer?

April 29, 20112 Comments

Ever wondered exactly what it is to be an influencer? Influencers is a short (14 minute) documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer.

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Fear can stop you blogging. Blogging stops your fear.

April 4, 20111 Comment

Many of you regulars will have noticed my posting frequency on this blog, going into hyper drive in the past couple of months. What was previously about one post a week (at best) is now averaging out at about (4.9 posts per week). The different types of content has ranged from easily digestible snapshots of […]

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Tiki Toki – timelines for a unique blogging experience.

April 2, 20110 Comments

URL: http://www.tiki-toki.com Brought to you by ChronoFlo and Webalon, Tiki-Toki is a beautiful web based timeline that allows you to chart your journey through the web chronologically. Following a similar pursuit to Memolane, it’s easy to add content directly to your timeline including video, images and text based content. Whereas Memolane’s offering is partially automated through […]

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7 strategic content tips to help your website grow

October 20, 20107 Comments

If you have no direction or strategy for your content, then your website is doomed from the get-go. We’ve suggested 7 strategic content tips here to really help your content grow.

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My approach to blogging.

August 29, 20109 Comments

An indepth analysis of my own approach to blogging, and my ethos on how I do things. I’ve decided to share here my own current processes.

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8 eyetracking studies from the web’s biggest blogs.

August 11, 201021 Comments

A roundup of 8 freshly squeeze eye tracking tests, from some of the web’s most prolific blogs. Performed using readily available eye tracking software from Gazehawk.

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