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Creating mindblowing social bait – micro content updates that work.

April 23, 20121 Comment

Its no longer just good enough to create engaging content on your own website that drives traffic, you have to rock the Casbah on Facebook, Twitter et al to be considered a true guru™ of the online space. That means updates and statuses that generate retweets and likes and reshares.

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Crowdsourcing content to grow your traffic.

September 18, 20110 Comments

Far from being a frowned on practise, even large, established bloggers on major publications are using crowdsourcing to build up detailed third party resources and information around a topic, and it’s an often overlooked option for site owners struggling to create fresh content when trying to build up and improve their site.

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Why your content needs to have mass market appeal.

August 20, 20110 Comments

If you are writing just for your existing site audience, the difference between success and failure has often lots to do with mass appeal on a global level.

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You’re not a social media expert, you’re just another schmuck with a Twitter account.

April 24, 201124 Comments

There’s no denying that the web is full of snake oil salesmen, and with the explosion of social media, there is no shortage of charlatans looking to make a quick buck, establishing themselves as consultants and ‘social media experts’. Experts my arse. Give a man a Twitter account, and he’ll tweet for a day. Teach […]

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Shut up about your brand

October 30, 20109 Comments

One of the things that frustrates me with many businesses’ approach to the web is content, and a lack of real understanding of how people are likely to interact with it. Many make the mistake of jumping aboard the social media train, and lead their strategy by using the tools, rather than starting with the fundamentals.

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