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Macaw – the design tool we’ve all been waiting for.

October 5, 20130 Comments

URL: http://macaw.co The design community is well accustomed to tools that showcase layouts and design to clients. Photoshop, Fireworks, illustrator etc all do a stellar job of realising the vision that a designer has in their head and showcasing it in flat image formats. The problem is; to bring that design to life on the […]

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40 Useful Resources for Twitter BootStrap Fans.

November 6, 20120 Comments

This collection of resources around the project showcase the best of what the web has to offer Bootstrap fans.

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Subtle touches that make a good web application great.

October 15, 20110 Comments

When it comes to web applications, attention to detail is one of those things that makes a good design great. Adding polish, and tidying up every last user interface interaction to make it as smooth and user friendly as possible – truly separates your application from the crowd and in turn encourages repeat visits. I […]

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What is an influencer?

April 29, 20112 Comments

Ever wondered exactly what it is to be an influencer? Influencers is a short (14 minute) documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer.

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How to (fully) integrate YouTube into Facebook

January 30, 20116 Comments

Ever wondering how to go about integrating your Facebook fan page with YouTube? This tutorial takes you through the process from start to finish with full PHP code to download.

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7 of the best online collaborative drawing tools

January 22, 201110 Comments

Sometimes, the best way to communicate with someone else is to get out a piece of paper, and draw something out in black and white. The web makes collaborative communication easier than ever before, and now you don’t even have to be in the same room as the other person to show them exactly what […]

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Free Minimalist WordPress Theme – Introducing CleanPin

October 11, 20103 Comments

A free minimalist Wordpress theme, for simple and clean designs.

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14 of the Best Youtube Channel Designs

August 23, 201012 Comments

The following collection of professional, well designed YouTube Channels highlighting the major brands who are getting it right, and spending the time and money on YouTube as a platform to attract an audience. Not only are these guys getting their YouTube channel designs perfect, but they are also creating compelling content to go along with it.

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The designers guide to digital scrapbooking

January 23, 20102 Comments

For designers, there are plenty of places to find inspiration around the web. Numerous web sites, galleries and blog posts composed with the end goal of getting your synapses firing. However, what happens to the inspiration you find on your everyday journey around the web? Commonly these are lost in the ether, as you aren’t […]

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9 usability mistakes even the big boys make.

October 1, 200928 Comments

User interface design is one of the most important aspects of web application design, and alot of the time is revisted only when the app is finished, rather than setting out on the right path at the get go. Making your application easy to use, can make or break the success of the app. It […]

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