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Google+ launches new layout, leaves developers out in the cold.

April 11, 20122 Comments

Amongst all the fanfare and news surrounding #newgoogleplus is a story of bitter disappointment for developers who have spent countless hours hacking together third party extensions and add ons.

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Open source search engines every developer should know about.

May 29, 20111 Comment

Search is a crucial feature of any website. This collection of open source search engines will help you provide a faster, stronger better solution overall.

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Why early adoption could destroy your business.

June 19, 20080 Comments

Before I start this post, ask anyone that knows me about what my thoughts on new technology are, and you’ll find the word passionate coming up, if something interests me, I’ll grab it with both hands, reading around it until I learn it inside out. However sometimes, its not a good idea to implement something […]

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Dude -”I need a website, how much is that?”

January 12, 200814 Comments

First of all if you need a website – get yourself over here to get a quote.. As most website developers know, quoting for a project based on the clients vague “I need a website, how much does it cost” statements can be a royal pain in the behind. You often seen developers asking how […]

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