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Creating mindblowing social bait – micro content updates that work.

April 23, 20121 Comment

Its no longer just good enough to create engaging content on your own website that drives traffic, you have to rock the Casbah on Facebook, Twitter et al to be considered a true guru™ of the online space. That means updates and statuses that generate retweets and likes and reshares.

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10 reasons why people didn’t share your last blog post.

January 5, 20121 Comment

You can’t expect every piece of content you create online to be a hit. It takes a while before you recognise the patterns in your writing that have become successful with your readers, that you can use to replicate that success.

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What is driving engagement on Google+?

July 9, 20110 Comments

Why are people sharing more on Google+ than other social platforms?

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Less is more – the micro content ecosystem.

June 19, 20111 Comment

Consumers of information on the web have always been fickle. With the next website being a click away, and viewers quickly scanning instead of reading – increasing engagement on your website isn’t an easy task. Which is why some of the successful social startups on the web are all the more interesting. The amount of […]

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Google +1 – the Digital Media War Room.

June 15, 20111 Comment

There are few services which aptly get to grips with social ranking algorithms to show popular content across services. These are my hopes for Google +1.

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Google’s addiction to speed, and how engagement metrics will shape the web.

May 11, 20112 Comments

Without a doubt you’ll have noticed Google’s recent moves in the search space focusing publishers on speed. It makes sense for them to encourage faster websites commercially for them, as lowering their bandwidth consumption, and easier quicker indexing if the web translates directly into savings of millions of dollars. I thought it would be interesting […]

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Series – Feedburner tips and tricks

December 28, 20102 Comments

This series of 5 posts explores just some of the tiny things that make a big difference. Today, I’m covering Feedburner.

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9 social comment solutions to increase engagement.

November 6, 201012 Comments

Conversation is massively important online for a number of reasons. This article highlights a few of the social solutions available to increase engagement on your blog.

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3 silky smooth social media startups to watch out for.

October 4, 20102 Comments

I’m sceptical of many new web services to hit the web, as often they are old ideas repackaged as something else. Recently however, I’ve discovered  couple of truly unique ideas for web applications that have left an impression with me.

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