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35 step plan to beat your e-commerce website into shape.

July 2, 20122 Comments

E-commerce sales online are fiercely competitive. There are however lots you can do to give yourself the edge.

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Panning for traffic, predicting keywords for digital gold.

July 31, 20110 Comments

We are living in a time that is the digital equivalent of the gold rush, with it never being a better time to establish a quality website.

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3 reasons why social traffic is worth it.

June 30, 20110 Comments

“I came, I shared, I left.” – in many cases, this is the pattern that forms from traffic arriving from social platforms to many sites on the web today. Take a snapshot of the traffic to your website from social bookmarking sites, Twitter, Facebook et al, and you’ll see high bounce rates, low time on […]

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