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Timeline – Create Scrolling Timelines with jQuery

March 28, 20120 Comments

URL: http://timeline.verite.co/   Timeline is a beautiful javascript library for producing interactive, scrolling timelines. Built on top of jQuery, it offers an easy way to pull in a variety of media types to your document, and display in an easy to browse way. Out of the gates Timeline has built in support for pulling in Tweets […]

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Impress.js – the creative javascript presentation library.

December 31, 20111 Comment

Impress.js is a javascript library which takes the power of CSS3 transforms and transitions and enhances it

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Clouds – sit back and fly with WebGL

April 3, 20110 Comments

Clouds is a new experiment from the talented javascript developer Mr Doob, who has brought us a number of the demo’s showcased on Chrome Experiments. This latest featured experiment published on his website yesterday uses the full power of WebGL to brings us depth of field and an amazing 3d experience in the browser. You can see […]

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Gmail Motion Beta

April 1, 20110 Comments

Following in the footsteps of the tactile responses needed to control the Xbox Kinect in the browser, Gmail have introduced a motion sensitive element to Gmail which eliminates the need for a mouse or keyboard interaction.

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Silk – Magical Interactive Artwork.

January 20, 20110 Comments

Incase you weren’t already convinced of how awesome javascript and canvas can be, feast your eyes on this little beauty. ‘Silk‘ was created by Yuri Vishnevsky a freshman at a university in New Jersey, as an experiment in computer generative art.  Don’t however, expect things to work in Internet Explorer, this is going to need the […]

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Kinect + Javascript hack shows potential for web interfaces

November 25, 20102 Comments

Developed by the clever folks at MIT Media Lab Fluid Interfaces Group, DepthJS is a web browser extension that allows any any web page to interact with Microsoft Kinect via Javascript.

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10 cutting edge javascript experiments.

September 2, 20093 Comments

The next major revision of HTML is getting us web developers and designers all a bit giddy. The following post examines some of the ground breaking javascript experiments showcasing what is possible.

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10 strike plan to grease your site for speed.

July 17, 20095 Comments

Website speed has never been more important, here are a collection of some of the best ways that you can achieve faster page loads.

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17 mega-creative side scrolling websites.

December 29, 200810 Comments

Side scroller websites have been around for quite some time, but with the penetration now of javascript effects and frameworks, some new sites popping up around the web are really beginning to shine. Some of the following websites show how javascript can be employed to great effect to create eye popping content and imagery. Enjoy […]

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JQuery Google co-op engine

December 29, 20082 Comments

Was having a play about last night with Google co-op, and I’ve went to the trouble of collecting some JQuery plugin sites. So if you are looking for an accordion effect, or Coda popup bubbles, or apple menus or sortable table it’s a one stop shop. There are over 1048 sites being indexed for plugins […]

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