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Buzzworthy content that generates links – the $1000 pizza and £1 guitar.

December 24, 20121 Comment

E-commerce sites are a traditionally tough cookie to crack in terms of attracting links, particularly if you are in competition with larger more established brands and competition.

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A kick ass guide to growing your website traffic online

May 15, 20113 Comments

Growing website traffic is hard. This guide takes you through the complete ins and outs of how to do it, from seo, to content strategy to marketing and promotion.

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Shut up about your brand

October 30, 20109 Comments

One of the things that frustrates me with many businesses’ approach to the web is content, and a lack of real understanding of how people are likely to interact with it. Many make the mistake of jumping aboard the social media train, and lead their strategy by using the tools, rather than starting with the fundamentals.

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The internet marketing guide to infographics.

August 15, 20108 Comments

Information graphics or infographics for short are hot to trot online for a number of reasons, this post examines both how to create your own, the tools available online, and the potential SEO benefits.

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Common strategies and features of successful blogs

April 11, 20100 Comments

When you start any website project, some of the plugins and features you integrate into the overall design can be integral to the organic growth of the site. Here’s a few of my own thoughts on common strategies and website features for traffic and why you should consider them at the start of a blog project. Most of these will also apply for traditional websites.

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5 creative linkbait campaigns from around the web

November 8, 20094 Comments

Whilst article marketing and blogging is one way to try and attract links to commercial sites, often there is greater benefit in building or creating something tangeable which itself will result in people linking to you.

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The Blogger’s Calendar

April 2, 20094 Comments

I’ve recently found myself thinking more seasonally / time sensitively in relation to blog posts. Regardless of whether you are a tech blogger or a personal one, taking note of what is going on around you is super important to aid your traffic growth.

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I’ve forgotten how to blog.

January 27, 20092 Comments

Maybe it’s the way the web works. People don’t have time to read anymore. Everyone is too busy digesting information in 140 characters. Of late,  I’ve definitely noticed a trend towards the easy way out – fluffy content, and worst of all I’ve been guilty of doing it myself. It’s far too easy to collect useful […]

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What exactly is linkbait? A 5 minute guide to content promotion.

October 26, 200813 Comments

One of the newest SEO strategies that are in use today is linkbait, if your SEO optimiser is still talking exclusively about on-page optimisation and keyword stuffing – 1995 called and they want their meta tags back.

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