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Discourse – The Open Source Forum Solution We’ve All Been Waiting For.

November 30, 20130 Comments

URL: http://www.discourse.org/ For the programmers amongst you, with a doubt you’ll be aware of Stackoverflow. Created by programming power house duo Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky, it has grown in a relatively small space of time into one of the biggest sites on the web. When I say relatively small space of time, I mean – 2.2M uniques in […]

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Google+ launches new layout, leaves developers out in the cold.

April 11, 20122 Comments

Amongst all the fanfare and news surrounding #newgoogleplus is a story of bitter disappointment for developers who have spent countless hours hacking together third party extensions and add ons.

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Hackers Build Siri Clone in an Afternoon.

January 31, 20120 Comments

Following a Quora thread asking exactly how hard it would be to implement an Apple Siri clone from scratch, NiobiumLabs alongside some  students of the National Technological University of Athens decided to have a bash at exactly that. Utilising freely available open source tools, the team managed to create a working clone of Siri in just an afternoon. […]

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Need to Archive and Search your old Tweets? ThinkUp.

June 7, 20111 Comment

Thinkup is a fantastic open source application for better managing, searching and archiving your social updates.

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Open source search engines every developer should know about.

May 29, 20111 Comment

Search is a crucial feature of any website. This collection of open source search engines will help you provide a faster, stronger better solution overall.

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4 invaluable apps to reunite you with your lost or stolen tech

May 8, 20110 Comments

At one point or another, all of us  have lost one or more things close to us. The stress and distress caused by the misplacement of an iPhone, or Android or indeed a digital camera is all too familiar for a geek. Thankfully, technology has got pretty smart, and leaves digital footprints which can be […]

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9 free & open source forum software solutions

February 20, 20117 Comments

Forums can be a great way to encourage audience participation, and to change a website from a one dimensional entity into a full fledged community. Here are a couple out there on the web today to help you create that goal, each with their own benefits.

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Free Minimalist WordPress Theme – Introducing CleanPin

October 11, 20103 Comments

A free minimalist Wordpress theme, for simple and clean designs.

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10+ lightweight cms options reviewed

September 19, 201020 Comments

Every once in a while, I’ve found that a fully featured CMS for clients, is just overkill. This review of open source and commercial lightweight CMS systems showcased a multitude of options for designers and developers.

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8 free and open source intranet solutions reviewed.

November 5, 200928 Comments

Intranets in many environments are still alive and well. Regardless of the particular technologies you use within your business, there are plenty of open source and free intranet solutions out there with a plethora of features  that developers can use or adapt to fulfil the needs of organisations without reinventing the wheel. Following on from […]

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