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Zero to hero – 10 bulletproof steps to 1000 visits a day.

August 10, 20117 Comments

This post takes a detailed step by step, no bullshit approach to getting your website from a standing start to achieving a target traffic level of around 1000 unique visitors a day.

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PR 2.0 and how the web is changing journalism.

July 3, 20091 Comment

The web has made making contact with the offline media much more accessible. The rise of social media and collaborative platforms such as Twitter have aided the process even further, and extended the reach of journalists to not just the heavy hitters in the industry, but to average Joe’s like you and me, with something […]

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12 useful tips on how to promote a website.

March 22, 200911 Comments

There are a variety of ways to get traffic to a blog. I thought it’s only fair to touch on all the ways that I currently know of to get traffic, and how to promote a website. Design Think that design doesn’t matter to your website? Wrong. There are millions of other sites out there […]

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5 steps to futureproof your website traffic.

February 2, 20090 Comments

If you are building an audience for either business or e-commerce purposes, it’s time to start storing the nuts for winter. No matter how switched on you are you’ll never really know what is around the corner for the web, or indeed for “external factors” that may have an impact on the number of visitors […]

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29 awesome websites to promote your web based applications

September 21, 20082 Comments

I’ve been working hard on getting promotion, coverage and PR on our web based applications lately, and have stumbled upon some brilliant script directories and websites which provide free links if you offer products or scripts for sale, so for convience here’s the list as it stands. I’ll be keeping an eye on how quickly […]

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How to promote a web forum. Getting it off the ground.

July 1, 200811 Comments

Web Forums are traditionally extremely difficult to get off the ground, but are well worth the effort to create a sense of community around your site. Hopefully this post will give you a bit of a start. 1). Directing Traffic It is alot easier to get a question forum going on a site if you […]

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Why playing Theme Park reminds me of website development.

June 27, 20080 Comments

I have been known to occasionally bash the keys at various retro game titles such as the Bullfrogs classic Theme  Park, ( I know – I’m an eighties kid) and believe it or not, the strategies involved in building your theme park empire, are analogous with website development and promotion…There are tips you can apply […]

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6 quick steps to lowering your website bounce rate

April 26, 20088 Comments

As stated in a few posts, I wasn’t really happy with our site design, as it wasn’t producing the killer response that I wanted. The bounce rates overall were quite high, despite the fact that I had moved content into a more pleasing position (or so I thought). So the following are ten simple steps […]

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What unique ways have you came up with to promote your site?

December 19, 20071 Comment

How often do you think about different ways to market your site? Maybe your business website looks after itself, and churns along merrily without much interaction from you, but how much busier could you be if you actively set about marketing your website? Personally, I’ve come up with a few ideas for marketing this site […]

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5 lessons webdevelopers can learn from Nintendo’s WII business model.

December 16, 20077 Comments

Everyone in the gaming industry has been surprised by Nintendo’s rise and rise in the video gaming market. Their new console the Nintendo WII (for those of you who have been living under a rock) has blindsided the major market dominators Microsoft and Sony. November 2006 was the first time that Xbox, Nintendo Wii and […]

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