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App reviews? We don’t need no stinkin’ App reviews.

April 12, 20150 Comments

When it comes to mobile applications, the app stores of Google and Apple are, for most, the first port of call for critical review and helping to determine whether something is worthy of downloading. Added to that, mobile App Store SEO relies heavily on positive review scores to rank applications higher in the results, bring […]

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Codiqa – jQuery Mobile ProtoTyping Tool.

March 4, 20129 Comments

URL: http://www.codiqa.com Adding to the already plentiful numbers of prototyping tools available on the web for free, Codiqa is a recently launched interface building app which is based around the jQuery Mobile library set. If you aren’t already familiar with jQuery mobile as a developer – you should be. The library offers a unified, HTML5-based user […]

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Trendspottr – Social trends Engine.

March 20, 20110 Comments

TrendSpottr is a real time search and curation tool, which attempts to bring together the buzz and activity across a number of channels in one place, via custom software which algorithmically determines relevance, categorisation and usefulness for particular searches.

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9 free & open source forum software solutions

February 20, 20117 Comments

Forums can be a great way to encourage audience participation, and to change a website from a one dimensional entity into a full fledged community. Here are a couple out there on the web today to help you create that goal, each with their own benefits.

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17 paypal alternatives for easier e-commerce.

July 28, 201072 Comments

PayPal has not been without its negative press. This collection of 17+ free and paid for paypal alternatives should meet the needs of just about anyone that is looking for an alternative provider.

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10 stonking email marketing systems reviewed.

February 16, 200935 Comments

Email marketing should be an integral part of your marketing strategy online. Period. No matter whether you are a big dog, or a little pup, permission based email marketing is powerful, relevant and well worthy of your attention.

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10 kick ass Open source E-commerce platforms reviewed

May 3, 2008139 Comments

With e-commerce webdesign really starting to take off, its never been more important to choose a platform which suits you as a developer (i.e. one that you can support) and one that will provide your clients with the features that they need to run a successful online shop.

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