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Less is more – the micro content ecosystem.

June 19, 20111 Comment

Consumers of information on the web have always been fickle. With the next website being a click away, and viewers quickly scanning instead of reading – increasing engagement on your website isn’t an easy task. Which is why some of the successful social startups on the web are all the more interesting. The amount of […]

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Google +1 – the Digital Media War Room.

June 15, 20111 Comment

There are few services which aptly get to grips with social ranking algorithms to show popular content across services. These are my hopes for Google +1.

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Why Facebook Won’t Put Google Out of Business

June 5, 20114 Comments

I’m pretty many of you noticed the Techcrunch guest post last week, “Why Facebook will put Google out of Business”. Lets put this bullshit to bed shall we?

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Open source search engines every developer should know about.

May 29, 20111 Comment

Search is a crucial feature of any website. This collection of open source search engines will help you provide a faster, stronger better solution overall.

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A kick ass guide to growing your website traffic online

May 15, 20113 Comments

Growing website traffic is hard. This guide takes you through the complete ins and outs of how to do it, from seo, to content strategy to marketing and promotion.

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Browser based Angry Birds lands on Chrome Store.

May 11, 20111 Comment

Launched today at Google’s IO conference, Rovio’s massive hit Angry birds has just been released on the Chrome web store, using HTML5, and the power of WebGL to deliver its browser based gaming experience.

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Google’s addiction to speed, and how engagement metrics will shape the web.

May 11, 20112 Comments

Without a doubt you’ll have noticed Google’s recent moves in the search space focusing publishers on speed. It makes sense for them to encourage faster websites commercially for them, as lowering their bandwidth consumption, and easier quicker indexing if the web translates directly into savings of millions of dollars. I thought it would be interesting […]

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4 invaluable apps to reunite you with your lost or stolen tech

May 8, 20110 Comments

At one point or another, all of us  have lost one or more things close to us. The stress and distress caused by the misplacement of an iPhone, or Android or indeed a digital camera is all too familiar for a geek. Thankfully, technology has got pretty smart, and leaves digital footprints which can be […]

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You’re not a social media expert, you’re just another schmuck with a Twitter account.

April 24, 201124 Comments

There’s no denying that the web is full of snake oil salesmen, and with the explosion of social media, there is no shortage of charlatans looking to make a quick buck, establishing themselves as consultants and ‘social media experts’. Experts my arse. Give a man a Twitter account, and he’ll tweet for a day. Teach […]

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OnSwipe – simpler, sexier tablet publishing

April 18, 20111 Comment

URL: http://onswipe.com/ I’ve spoken before on my thoughts about native apps verses web apps. Serial entrepreneur Jason Baptiste shares this vision with his recently launched application ‘OnSwipe‘, using the best in web technologies to create a fluid, better designed, more intuitive experience on tablet devices – without the fuss, and without the associated cost of native applications. The […]

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