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Living the indie web

May 11, 20150 Comments

  For publishers and bloggers social media now presents a double edged sword – with a twist few saw coming. Craft your content and share on social media they said. Myself included. This month, the beast has turned. With instant articles Facebook has turned into the world’s largest publisher, with a view to hauling in […]

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Zapier – Automate Your Business Workflow

November 19, 20130 Comments

Zapier have taken the automation concept and applied it to webapp APIs, concentrating on web based API’s such as Zendesk, Freckle, Github, and a whole bunch of others.

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Popular Content From Popular Domains

September 27, 20130 Comments

A few weeks back, I hacked together a free tool that marketers could use to find their own, and their competitors all time most popular content currently listed on Reddit. Just for fun, tonight I ran the tool alongside a predefined list of the most popular websites on the web according to Google Ad Planner.  I added […]

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I wrote this post whilst high on Kool Aid.

May 11, 20121 Comment

One of the biggest misconceptions I’ve ever encountered on the web is the notion that somehow you can apply statistical analysis to social media marketing.

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10 Common Mistakes with Social Media

February 17, 20120 Comments

Often with social media, brands and businesses think they can just jump in and get going. I mean how hard can it be? Often the results are less than favourable, with users either breaking core guidelines of the marketing platform they choose, or worse still ending up with a PR disaster that can’t be erased […]

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Social Media’s Increasing Role in Fighting Crime.

February 12, 20120 Comments

Social media may lead the charge in reporting, but this in turn has also given power back to everyday people in the combatting and the reporting of crime.

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3 Niche Grabbing Sites Similar to Pinterest

February 8, 20121 Comment

Good artists copy, great artists steal. Right? Sometimes its possible to grab the internet’s attention by flipping an established concept on its head by concentrating on a subset of an audience

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Bottlenose – the multi porpoise social media dashboard. ;o)

December 13, 20111 Comment

Bottlenose attempts to make sense of the information within in an easy to navigate, multi purpose social media dashboard.

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22 social media recipes to easily cross post your updates.

November 19, 20117 Comments

The following post provides just a few of the recipes available for the interconnection of accounts and with a bit of creative thinking you should be able to chain many of these together to suit your needs and reach a bigger audience.

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Google+ for Brand Pages launches.

November 7, 20112 Comments

Google have just released Brand Pages bringing the same functionality available for individuals to businesses.   Some of the brand pages already created and up and running on the platform include All American Rejects,  Anderson Cooper 360, Angry Birds, Barcelona Football Club, Burberry, Dallas Cowboys and Good Morning America amongst others.  The official Google+ business page  highlights just what is in store for businesses within the […]

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