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What does the future hold for the web?

October 20, 20130 Comments

Sometimes its fun to do a little star-gazing, and having considered that we are pretty much living in the future now, I wondered what it might be like to experience the Internet and some technology advances in anything from five to ten years. Here’s just a few of my own thoughts on what the internet […]

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Forget Socl, Skype could be Microsoft’s secret social network.

December 8, 20120 Comments

Could Skype play a role in Microsoft’s move into social media?

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Bake Viral Directly into your Product.

September 26, 20120 Comments

One of the most powerful ways to build momentum in terms of signups within your product is to leverage social and viral marketing.

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Google Roll out Knowledge Graph for the London 2012 Olympics

July 26, 20120 Comments

Google have been busying themselves in preparation for what will arguably one of the hot search terms of the summer – London 2012.

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9 social websites that offer ‘real life’ offline interaction.

February 26, 20121 Comment

As the web becomes more and more ubiquitous in everyday life, the number of sites which have cropped up to bridge the gap between offline experiences and online experiences has grown substantially. It is no longer a ‘geeky’ thing to meet and make friends people in real life that you’ve only met in online communities. […]

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If targeted advertising is the currency of free. I’ll pay.

February 2, 20121 Comment

If you are as much a techhead as me, no doubt you’ll notice that this week, the web has been all a swirl with a couple of meaty main topics.  Facebook’s recent S1 filing, Google’s introduction of Search Plus Your World and decision to change their privacy policy to consolidate data about you and me across […]

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Small is the new big – social media is growing up.

January 17, 20121 Comment

Small is the new large in social media, and I’ve no doubt that trend will only become more evident in 2012.  As users have got to grips with the platforms already available to us, we have come to realise the benefits in cultivating tighter, smaller and more valuable relationships with others online (as we do in […]

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Will Google link business pages to profiles in the SERPs?

January 9, 20120 Comments

Perhaps one of the greatest challenges that Google currently face is getting businesses to engage with people on their platform.

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How to get the new social version of YouTube.

November 29, 20110 Comments

Want to see the new social version of YouTube before anyone else? Take a peek here for instructions.

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22 social media recipes to easily cross post your updates.

November 19, 20117 Comments

The following post provides just a few of the recipes available for the interconnection of accounts and with a bit of creative thinking you should be able to chain many of these together to suit your needs and reach a bigger audience.

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