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Stop pageview chasing and let your users get on their way.

November 8, 20110 Comments

Instead of focusing all of their efforts on improving the user experience which will encourage repeat visits, and increase the stickiness of site overall, pageview chasing instead of satisfying users has become the new scourge of the web.

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3 awesome eye tracking websites you need to know about.

November 5, 20114 Comments

The adoption of usability tests has become more and more mainstream, typically, performing quality eye tracking tests has been out of reach for all but the biggest agencies with unlimited budgets. Thankfully, we are seeing that change over time.

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8 eyetracking studies from the web’s biggest blogs.

August 11, 201021 Comments

A roundup of 8 freshly squeeze eye tracking tests, from some of the web’s most prolific blogs. Performed using readily available eye tracking software from Gazehawk.

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6 corporate website fails to watch out for.

April 27, 20108 Comments

Unfortunately for the web, many websites are conceived, designed and built internally. Whilst there are exceptions to the rule, often this leads to a number of decisions being made that are at best questionable, and at worst disastrous for the usability and overall success of the site. This post talks about some of my own […]

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9 usability mistakes even the big boys make.

October 1, 200928 Comments

User interface design is one of the most important aspects of web application design, and alot of the time is revisted only when the app is finished, rather than setting out on the right path at the get go. Making your application easy to use, can make or break the success of the app. It […]

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Series: Mistakes with e-commerce. Part 2. Poor Website Implementation.

June 16, 20081 Comment

Following on from our first post on mistakes with e-commerce there are a few things that many retailers get wrong when it comes to the website itself. Poor Website Implementation 1). Making the Checkout long winded. Amazon is awesome. Why? Because of one-click checkout. You should be looking for an e-commerce platform that has this […]

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