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Macaw – the design tool we’ve all been waiting for.

October 5, 20130 Comments

URL: http://macaw.co The design community is well accustomed to tools that showcase layouts and design to clients. Photoshop, Fireworks, illustrator etc all do a stellar job of realising the vision that a designer has in their head and showcasing it in flat image formats. The problem is; to bring that design to life on the […]

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First Glimpse – W3C publish working draft of CSS4.

September 29, 20112 Comments

Along with the Selectors3 recommendations, today, the CSS working group published the first public working draft of Selectors Level 4 on the W3C site. Yes, that’s right, the first glipse of what eventually will become CSS4. So what are the standout points of interest for designers and developers? Selecting parent nodes of elements. Potentially, select […]

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Adobe Muse lets you create websites without coding.

August 15, 20111 Comment

URL: http://muse.adobe.com/ Adobe have just launched a new design tool aimed at traditional graphic designers without any knowledge of coding. Currently in public beta, and built in Adobe Air, it lets designers use a freeform tool to design and publish professional, dynamic HTML/CSS websites without writing code. Codenamed ‘Muse’ which is a working title rather than a […]

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Kinect + Javascript hack shows potential for web interfaces

November 25, 20102 Comments

Developed by the clever folks at MIT Media Lab Fluid Interfaces Group, DepthJS is a web browser extension that allows any any web page to interact with Microsoft Kinect via Javascript.

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14 of the Best Youtube Channel Designs

August 23, 201012 Comments

The following collection of professional, well designed YouTube Channels highlighting the major brands who are getting it right, and spending the time and money on YouTube as a platform to attract an audience. Not only are these guys getting their YouTube channel designs perfect, but they are also creating compelling content to go along with it.

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11 iphone apps every web designer should download

October 11, 200914 Comments

As a web designer you know that things are changing at a fast pace. What was hot one day is not the other. One “new” technology that is growing bigger and bigger in popularity each and every day is the iPhone and its apps. This is an appreciated development as it can make our lives […]

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8 of the best web design resource pages

June 8, 20090 Comments

Finding great web design resources is tough work. A good number of resource pages have cropped up on the web, and are must bookmark sites for the creative professional. Here are eight of my fav’s definitely worth checking out for future reference.

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17 more must see horizontal scrolling websites

May 24, 20097 Comments

Some of these sites have been around for a while, others have just been launched on the web. If you are looking for inspiration when designing a site that you think would work well with a horizontal scroll, here are 17 more horizontal navigation sites, some utilise flash and some good old html and css.

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The newbie guide to running a design business. Part 1.

February 28, 20098 Comments

Armed with the right resources, can anyone run a webdesign business? Lets face it there are lots of great resources out there from the inception of a project, right up to completion. If you are newbie in the field, and are wondering about how to get your processes and resources in shape, this is the […]

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Web design in the cloud. A pancake tuesday guide.

February 24, 20094 Comments

In the future, it looks very much like there is a real possibility that the processing of all (or most of our apps) will be done server side. Already, a lot of us use web applications to get the web design job done.

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