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7 content promotion strategies for healthier website traffic.

October 11, 20115 Comments

Content promotion isn’t rocket science, it does however, when done right, take almost as much time as the content creation process itself.

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How to promote a band online

March 26, 20114 Comments

It’s no secret that today’s music chart is largely influenced by the web, and that musicians worldwide have never been better equipped to launch careers, improve their reach, and market their music and gigs all via the web. Here are a collection of some of the best resources and websites to help you take your band from zero to guitar hero in a couple of easy steps.

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Shut up about your brand

October 30, 20109 Comments

One of the things that frustrates me with many businesses’ approach to the web is content, and a lack of real understanding of how people are likely to interact with it. Many make the mistake of jumping aboard the social media train, and lead their strategy by using the tools, rather than starting with the fundamentals.

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12 simple tasks to improve an established site

March 28, 20104 Comments

If you’ve been running a website or blog for any length of time, you’ll  realise  that its just as important to keep a site maintained as it is to add new content to it. To improve the overall performance of your site. Here’s a few things I think are worth bearing in mind.

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25 things I wish I’d known when I started blogging

October 19, 200955 Comments

Next month will be a milestone for me – I’ve been blogging now for around two years, and over that time I have to say I’ve learned a bucket load about how content works online, and indeed how content marketing can drive traffic to a website.

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Out of the box link building ideas.

August 30, 20093 Comments

There are a number of things smart webmasters can do to increase their blog’s reach. Links are one of the most important. Read on to find how to build links using linkbait.

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Piggy backing off authority sites to maximise traffic

May 7, 200911 Comments

If you’ve been writing content online for any length of time, you’ll recognise that the SERP’s tend to be more competitive in certain areas than others. In order to gain traction, you’ll have to come up with something that brings visitors in through the backdoor. This is where the technique of piggy-backing comes in. Piggybacking […]

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35+ websites to gain serious design related traffic

April 14, 200932 Comments

The first thing that I do when I’m promoting a particularly good piece of content is to scope out the websites within the design community that allow user submitted content. There are a couple of larger sites / blogs with good content that allow this – a simple tagline with a link that can direct […]

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Thinking of popping your blogging cherry?

April 7, 20093 Comments

Things I’ve learnt about blogging in my first 18 months, and guidelines on what its worth considering when starting out a new blog.

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E-commerce – it’s time to start adding value.

March 30, 20093 Comments

One of the fundamental problems with e-commerce on the web is that retailers think about an online shop in the same way they do an offline bricks and mortar store.

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