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The business case for blogging.

Paul Anthony / November 10, 2007

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Whats in it for me?

Too often many businesses feel that their business doesn’t lend itself to blogging. What do I have to offer the world? That’s a common question particularly from companies who aren’t in the technology sector. The answer we often state is that blogging offers an extremely effective live response to customers. Period. There is no better way to reach customers quickly, 24/7.  There is also no better way to gauge customers response to new products, or services offered. The blogging platform is also interactive and engaging, and unlike traditional mediums allows you to involve your customers. Asking them for their opinions helps to immerse them in your brand, and gives them a reason to return to your site.

Increase Search Engine Visibility

There is also the purely search engine perspective of blogs. Google amongst others loves blogging. It eats up new blog content quicker than Roadrunner being chased by Wile E. Coyote . This gives your website increased visibility, including your services and products being much more exposed to search engine updates. Blogging also can offer you a way of attracting link love. The more links you get the more traffic you get, and as a result more customers.

How to blog effectively

Blogging – contrary to popular belief is no longer about being the online equivalent of kissing the blarney stone. If you are going to attract attention from fellow bloggers and potential customers in your sector you are going to have to make structured, informative posts that will catch peoples attention. Using services such as Technorati, Blog pings and Social networks such as Digg gets your posts under the nose of potential visitors, and can help boost your traffic.

Overall this blog will serve as our own platform for communication with fellow bloggers in the industry and as a means of attracting further business. We’re gonna keep you up to speed with how things are going as the business grows.

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