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Design is mightier than the sword.

Paul Anthony / November 11, 2007

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The importance of quality webdesign cannot be underestimated, if your site doesn’t look professional from the outset, your business will suffer. People make snap decisions online, typically taking 30 seconds to decide whether they are going to stick around or not. Are you are a reputable company to deal with? This translates to how professional a “shop window” you have online.

Ask anyone on their ten favourite websites, and you commonly find that 9 out of 10 have a professional web design. Looks aren’t everything, but they do help to make a visitor stick around for long enough to find out whether your website content is up to scratch. You need to stand out from your competitors. A good micro business will always go out of its way to puff out its chest and appear as big if not bigger than its largest competitor. One such way to do this is through design – go for a small / narrow design on your home page, and you’ll look small. Go for a larger fully stretched layout, and your business instantly gains size and credibility – although it may still be a micro business.

Design also gains importance with search engines. It attracts links like bees to honey. Think of all the CSS galleries that only accept sites with a high standard of design work. This reason alone makes it worthwhile investing in quality graphic design.

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