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Six web celebs I’d love to have on IM.

Paul Anthony / November 11, 2007

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Jacob Nielson.

Whilst many people slate him for being anti – design, Jacob is full of common sense truths – and commonly brings the web design community back down to earth when a new technology gets launched or someone comes up with the next big idea. An anchor of sense some might say, preventing us from all floating off on fanciful ideas which look good but dont serve our visitors well. It’s always useful to have an academic to bounce ideas off.

UseIt. Dont abuse it.

Eric Meyer

The guru of CSS. Meyer has been an advocate of web standard design and CSS for many years, helping to move us all to a tableless design, and showing us new techniques to get the layouts we all desire – without sacrificing design standards. Having read many of his books, Eric has convinced me amongst others that CSS is here to stay and isn’t just a passing phase.


Aaron Wall

Aaron’s seo book has helped me enormously in understanding online marketing and seo strategies, and has plenty of invaluable tips from industry experts across the pond. Keeping your ears close to the ground within the search engine industry is the best way to learn new ways of marketing online, and with America most definitely leading the way, the best knowledge, tips and tricks is coming out of the US at the minute. Particularly those people with a bit of silicon valley running through their veins.


Seth Godin

Seth in my opinion can only be described as a marketing god. His blog attracts thousands of visitors a day, and his book Purple Cow is mentioned all over the web as a must read.

Seth also

  • writes the most popular marketing blog in the world;
  • is the author of the bestselling marketing books of the last decade;
  • speaks to large groups on marketing, new media and what’s next;
  • and is the founder of Squidoo.com, a fast-growing recommendation website.

A useful guys to have a chat with online one would say.


Darren Rowse

A full time blogger, who blogs for profit, Darren’s problogger website is how he lives. There’s something beautiful about having the freedom to sit at home, write some posts and get noticed. There’s something simply staggering to have an audience on your website big enough to support you and your family and still have the flexibility of no “real” 9-5 job. A hero in my eyes.


Brett Tabke

Brett is a seo professional, and founder of the hugely successfully Webmasterworld.com. He has worked in the industry for almost three decades and has boundless experience in SEO and website promotion. His site is well worth the signup fee to become a subscriber for a year.


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