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Online marketing without measurement is dead.

Paul Anthony / November 12, 2007

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If you are still marketing without producing graphs of success, response rates and overall revenue generated you aren’t really marketing. You are simply hoping for the best. If you spend x amount on a marketing campaign, and generate y amount of revenue then you know whether a campaign has been successful or not. You dont really know it has worked unless your call to action can be measured. Some ideas for measuring call to action can be seen below.

Physical Response

If you have a physical storefront, or shop, then within your call to action provide a means to return your direct mail, whether this be a discount for bring back the marketing material, or a competition is up to you.

Electronic Response.

It is quick and easy to setup means of measuring visitors to your website, if this is a part of your call to action, then you can see instantly how many people responded through your website. You can use Google Analytics or alternative to view statistics in real time. We can integrate this software into your website and show you how best to use in within your marketing strategy.

In addition you can use the power of digital marketing to cleanse your existing database. How do I do that? Well use your database excel table online, and tag it with an ID. If a visitor comes to your website and enters the ID relating to their details, with a bit of programming the website can lookup that record and display their details to them, which they can ammend, or add to. You can also force them to fill in information which is missing from your database – such as email addresses. If the details are wrong the website can provide them with a means of changing their details on file.

Telephone Response

If you haven’t already done so, train your receptionists to ask where customers heard about the company, particularly in larger organisations. The alternative is to get an 0800 number which serves as a way of monitoring responses. You should be able to see direct from the provider how many calls have came in for a particular campaign. You CRM system should also cater for this, allowing your sales staff to state that they won a sale as a result of a marketing campaign.

Referral Marketing

If you are for example attempting to grow through new customers, you should be measuring how many people open credit accounts. The staff who open the account should also ask where the customer heard about the company, and if possible this should be integrated into the signup process. Monitoring this can prove lucrative in finding where people are coming from.

Email Marketing

Remember that email marketing software can measure open rates, links clicked and signups, all with integration with Google Analytics – and this can prove as a beneficial and cost effective way to monitor customers.

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