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What lies in the future for email?

Paul Anthony / November 27, 2007

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Many people wonder how email as a communication medium has not died under the barrage of spam. Granted the spam wars are not a thing of the past as predicted by Bill Gates just yet. As spam detection ges more widespread, the way that spam reaches us steps up a gear. We have seen over the past three years spam reaching us via blogs (splogs) – and still no detection implemented across the web to determine whether a piece of mail is spam or not.

My own prediction is the email will be become a pull technology rather than push technology. You select whom you want to receive mail from. We’ve already seen versions of Outlook integrating RSS feeds – which is a pull technology – i.e. you select which RSS feeds you wish to view. In addition to this you can expose your email as an RSS feed within Google mail.

The next stage is to make a service which integrates these concepts. One email gets set via post to allow the receiver to confirm they wish to receive mail. The next is to allow all mail from that sender into another users inbox, until such time as you decide that you no longer wish to receive it. Cancelling the subscription if you like.

The other option is for someone to determine email trust. If you get a score for the valid emails you send to people, and a negative for sending spam which gets marked as such, then you can build a safe and unsafe database. Google may be already doing this, allbeit without us knowing it.

Seems like a good idea for a startup to me…

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