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How quickly do you reply to email?

Paul Anthony / December 11, 2007

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TortoiseIf you are running a web based business, then it is absolutely crucial that you reply quickly to emails. Your customers expect a reply from an online store, or business quicker than they would if they left a voice message. The reason being – an online shop – if open, carries the same expectation that someone will be answering the phones. or in the online world, answering emails.

As in the offline world we tend to take business elsewhere if we can’t get through on the phone, the same is true if emails are not replied in a timely manner online. Personally Im an email addict, I check up to four times a day for new mail, sometimes more, and more often than not the best way to reach me is through emails. I have worked for companies before (who shall remain nameless) with an email ethos that is very ninety’s.

Read it, and deal with it when it suits. The temptation to ignore an email, rather than address it immediately is difficult for middle management to shake off. Just because a sales lead comes from the web, doesn’t make it any more difficult to convert, nor should it achieve less priority than a phone call.

Rant over.

America (as is true with alot of things online) is leading the way with this. Send an email enquiry to a web based business in America, and you’ll have a reply within an hour. Tops. The availability of Blackberries and other mobile technology, will only serve to benefit us to this end, but do we run the risk of information overload with all of these emails coming at us at once?

How often do you reply to mail?

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