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6 quick steps to lowering your website bounce rate

Paul Anthony / April 26, 2008

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result_h.gifAs stated in a few posts, I wasn’t really happy with our site design, as it wasn’t producing the killer response that I wanted. The bounce rates overall were quite high, despite the fact that I had moved content into a more pleasing position (or so I thought). So the following are ten simple steps I took with the redesign to prevent help lower my bounce rate.

1) Double check the design across browsers

I wasn’t 100% confident that what i was seeing was the same as everyone else. So I got my good old fashioned browsershots.org out to the rescue. Spotted a css bug with Internet explorer, and watched my bounce rate improve.

2) Pretend you are the visitor.

Its difficult to do, but if you can disconnect yourself from your site, and pretend that you are indeed the visitor, take a look at how you scan the content. What I do here is to check my landing page keywords in Analytics, type them into Google and see what happens when I click through the websites in the results. What kind of experience do I get with each one? And what do I expect to find? How quickly can I find the information I need amongst the clutter?

3) Cross link

I have discovered a few superb blog plugins. One is to display my best posts at the top of my blog – the other is to display related posts at the bottom. If you can provide links inside a blog posting as well, to other parts of your site – the overall effect will be that your bounce rate will drop dramatically.

4) Images

Everyone enjoys looking a visual content, it requires much less effort than actually reading a post from start to finish. So if you can provide compelling visual stumuli on your site, you will see a drop in the number of bouncers.

5) Keep it snappy

Keep your content light, snappy and informative. No one wants a website which runs slow – Least of all your visitors. The secret is to keep your tone light, and yet provide interesting content, without overpowering your site visitors with text. Short articles encourage visitors to read more.

6) Use your Analytics

Google provide you with a free way to analyse which visitors bounce the most, or which post provides the most bounces. Find out what that is by filtering your content by bounce rate, then try and analyse that content to figure out why they are bouncing on that page.

Need a hand setting up Google Analytics to find out what your bounce rate is like? Give us a shout.

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8 responses to “6 quick steps to lowering your website bounce rate

  1. For bounce rate metrics try http://www.pagealizer.com/
    Pagealizer helps site owners get insight on how powerful their site content is. Pagealizer shows you in great detail how long people stay on your page so you can see if they read any of your copy or just left the page. Pagealizer also shows how far visitors scrolled down the page and where they clicked. Check us out :)

  2. One thing I’ve noticed about big website with low bounce rate is that their fonts are also BIG. Maybe people love reading text that is big

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