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Five of the coolest twitter api applications.

Paul Anthony / May 9, 2008

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I’ve not been bitten by the Twitter bug as of yet, I’m firmly seated in the “dont really get it” camp -that said, there seems to be plenty of interest online, plenty of dedicated followers and as this post indicates and plenty of innovative usages / startups based around the API of the service. Some of the best I’ve plucked from around the web that appear to have some added value to the service.




Launched just a few days ago, Twitterfone will allow micro-blogging from a standard land-line. What is even more encouraging is that it is an irish idea, with zero advertising budget. This may be the start of something much bigger. Can you imagine the power that this will provide in disaster situations – getting messages to your nearest and dearest all via the web, and one phone call. Bringing telephone connectivity to the web is something I think we’ll see alot of down the line.




TwitterBuzz finds out what people are linking to from the twitter network, and displays the top links. At time of writing unsuprisingly the top URL was tinyURL, simply because it is the defacto standard on the network to squeeze long links into tweets, but none the less gives a niceover view of what is popular amongst *some* of the web community live at that time. Think of it like a bit of a del.icio.us application for Twitter – except that the data will show much more current information of new URL’s popping up online, due to the conversational nature of Twitter.




Created by the talented Dave Troy, twittervision lets us see who is twittering away across the global. This is one of the more entertaining mashups we’ve seen online, and although Im not an avid (twit?) – it definitely is one which holds entertainment value.




This is one of the few commercial Twitterific apps we’ve seen, combining marketing and twitter. Basically visitors to Walt Disney World tweet their updates to twisney for real-time mapping allowing anyone to take a historical view of their trip to Disney world, direct from Twisney.com, so if you are having a fab time, then other twitter users know about it.




You would have thought Twitter themselves would have thought of this one themselves, but basically you login and schedule future tweets for yourself, to keep your twitter stream ticking over with new information that you know will happen in the future. If you are a serious twitter addict this one probably would be of use.

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7 responses to “Five of the coolest twitter api applications.

  1. Unfortunately, cool as the concept is, TwitterBuzz has a lot of ads, expired links (promotion ads) and is as apt to link to something in your language as not.

  2. Been wondering why Twitter didn’t do something like TweetLater (like scheduling blog posts for when you’re out/busy/not feeling creative).

    This is very useful info, thanks.

  3. Hi Dawn,

    thanks for popping by, I’m sure there are some great things to come from the twitter team this year. Filling the gaps / niche’s that others have tried to carve out for themselves.

    (hug) for being a loyal reader.


  4. Hi

    I am working on a site called fullbe which features social networking recommendations linked to sites providing those recommendations. Currently about 4000 recommendations are online.

    I have found it very interesting doing this as I can see what is popular and who is recommending something.


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