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20 best web design studios from around the world

Paul Anthony / July 14, 2008

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As web designers and developers we all strive to be the best. But the bottom line is that you are only as good as your client list. This collection of leading web design and interactive agencies not only talk the talk; they walk the walk as well.

Agency Interactive

Location: USA, (NY & Florida)

Website: http://www.agencynet.com/

Best Work: Bacardi, Howard Stern , Budweiser

Oh my, these guys rock the boat, their site immerses you in Agency’s world and award winning portfolio, using a unique blend of Flash video, and pure creative talent. You really get a feel for their passion, and company ethos. It will be sure to convince even the hardest of HTML elites, that Flash can be beautiful when perfectly executed.


Location: Sweden

Website: http://www.b-reel.com

Best Work: Magnum | Lynx | Sony

Producing work for clients such as Sony, IKEA and MTV, B-reel are the cream of the crop in Swedish design factories. We particularly liked their interactive piece for Lynx, guest starring Abby Clancy. Well who wouldn’t?


Location: USA

Website: http://www.bigspaceship.com

Best Work: Voyeur : 30 Days of Night : Nike Air : Corona Beach

With quite a large creative team, Big Spaceship have been respected in the creative sector for some time – and for good reason. They have been previous winners of several Webby awards amongst others, and have an extremely impressive client base.


Location UK

Website: http://www.de-construct.com

Whilst their site doesnt speak volumes, De-Construct’s work and client list does.

Best Work: Panasonic Lumix : James Brown London : Adidas Cricket


Location Japan

Website: http://www.ficc.jp

The cosmetics and fashion industry is worth billions in Japan, and at the forefront of interactive experiences for them is FICC.

Best Work: Anteprima | Tag Heur | Loreal Paris | Goodwill Group

WYSIWYG Software Design

Location: Germany

Website: http://www.wysiwyg.de/

Best Work: Wacom | Bau Mit | TDK

Domani Studios

Location: USA (Chicago / NY)

Website: http://www.domanistudios.com

Domani have propelled major brands into the online spotlight such as Doritos, Jose Cuervo and Volkswagon.

Best Work: All State Garage | New Line Cinema | Le Meridian | Doritos


Location: UK

Website: http://www.preloaded.com

If you do nothing else today, get yourself over to preloaded and check out their wee flash tv / amstrad cpc 464 emulator. It’s well nifty. But then, so is their web design and branding work.

Best Work: Death in Sakkara | CDX | Alive

North Kingdom

Location: Sweden

Website: http://www.northkingdom.com

Robert Lindström has long been known in the design community for his work through his portfolio Design Chapel. Together with childhood friend Roger Stighäll (Paregos) they have built North Kingdom into one of the leading design houses in the World.

Best Work: Coke Zero Get the Glass Absolut Vodka


Location: USA & UK (Leeds, NY, San Fran, LA)

Website: http://www.attik.com/

Attik began, as most design studios do, as quite a small operation. They have since grown in number and strength to become one of the worlds leading studios. Personally, I knew of them when I started developing, having seen them linked from (formerly) Macromedia.

Best Work: Hype Williams Scion

Perfect Fools

Location: Sweden

Website: http://www.perfectfools.com

Best Work: Absolut Disco Saab Kswiss

free running website

Freedom & Partners

Location: USA (NYC)

Website: http://www.freedomandpartners.com

Best Work: Mencia Madness Berry Bones Mini Swirlz

Formerly freedom interactive design, freedom & partners have done work for Kellogs, Estee Lauder, Ralph Lauren, Loreal and John Frieda amongst others.

Kurt Noble

Location: USA (San Francisco)

Website: http://www.kurtnoble.com

Best Work: Red Bull Tarmac Specialised HD-DVD

Large Design

Location: London & Denmark

Website: http://www.largedesign.com

Best Work: Agent Provocateur Bang & Olufsen SEKO Synergy

Juxt Interactive

Location: USA

Website: http://www.juxtinteractive.com/

Best Work: BMW- Relearn to drive Adobe West Coast Choppers

Ogilvy Interactive

Location: Worldwide

Website: http://www.ogilvy.com

David Ogilvy was a notable advertising executive and has often been called “The Father of Advertising.” In 1962, Time Magazube called him “the most sought-after wizard in today’s advertising industry.” Ogilvy Interactive’s work has been as prolific as its founding father as can be seen below.

Best Work:Louis Vitton Audi TT Volvo

Raise Media

Website: http://www.raise-media.com/

Best Work: Hotel Savoy Andreescu-Gaivoronski City Business Centre

2Advanced Studios

Location: USA

Website: http://www.2advanced.com

2Advanced have been around the block, with an ever present futuristic feel, they continue to push the boundaries and inspire flash developers worldwide.

Best work: Ford Bacardi Dj 06 Electronic Arts

Critical Mass

Location: Worldwide

Website: http://www.criticalmass.com/

Best work: Mercedes Benz Rolex Nasa

Avenuea Razorfish

Location: USA (Seattle)

Website: http://www.avenuea-razorfish.com

Avenuea Razorfish is one of the world’s largest interactive agencies and is an operating unit of Seattle-based aQuantive, a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft. The NYTimes.com website has garnered a Webby for Best Newspaper Site, and previous work for Mercedes AMG has also attracted numerous acolades.

Best Work: Nissan NYTimes Microsoft Surface Mercedes AMG

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  1. Thanks for a great round-up. Lots of food for thought and plenty of inspiration too. As you intimate, if you have clients with appropriately sufficient budgets, then there’s that much more that can be achieved.

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