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101 RSS feeds for Mashup monkeys.

Paul Anthony / July 20, 2008

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The uses for RSS (really simple syndication) stretch far and wide, and its good to see a number of sites now publishing feeds, which makes it great for all you mashup monkey’s out there who create brilliant stuff with the results. There are a number of feeds I have thrown in here for personal reference (mainly the Northern Ireland stuff), but there should be enough other useful feeds for the rest of you to come up with something neat. Feel free to add any other useful RSS feed that you know of, but I’ll be moderating heavily.

1) Track the tides around the world (RSS)
2) Get the weather from BBC Weather (RSS)
3) Get the weather from Weather.com (RSS)
4) Get severe weather warnings from the Met Office (RSS)

News UK
5) BBC News UK (RSS)
6) Sky News (RSS)
7) The Sun (RSS)
8.) The Guardian (RSS)
9) The Telegraph (RSS)
10) Daily Mail (RSS)
11) The Times (RSS)
12) Financial Times (RSS)
13) The Independant (RSS)
14) The Daily Express (RSS)
15) The Mirror (RSS)
16) Daily Star (RSS)

News Ireland
17) BBC News Northern Ireland (RSS)
18) Belfast Telegraph (RSS)
19) RTE News (RSS)
20) Irish Examiner (RSS)
21) Irish Independant (RSS)
22) Irish Times (RSS)
23) Sunday Business Post (RSS)
24) Sunday Tribune (RSS)

25) Flight Delays (RSS)
26) Watch for Cheap Holidays (RSS)
27) Latest Exchange Rate (RSS)
28) Google SightSeeing (RSS)
29) Find out where the hell is Matt (RSS)
30) Hotel Deals (RSS)
31) Northern Ireland Traffic report (RSS)

32) Google Blog Search Results (RSS)
33) Google Blog Search for Backlinks (RSS)
34) Technorati Backlink Search (RSS)

Ego Searching – Find People or Keywords
35) Webdistortion Ego Searching (RSS)
36) BlogPulse (RSS)
37) Yahoo Search (RSS)
38) Yahoo Pipes Ego Search (RSS)
39) People Search Flickr (RSS)


40) Lifehacker Where else? (RSS)
41) Reminders. ReminderFeed (RSS)


42) Get those Ebay deals at RssAuction.com (RSS)
43) Amazon UK (RSS)
44) Simple Tracking – DHL,FedEx tracking via RSS (simpletracking)
45) Topman Daily Feed (RSS)
46) Urban Outfitters (RSS)
47) ASOS.com (RSS)

The Web and Computing

48) Free Licensed Software Giveaway (RSS)
49) Virus Alerts (RSS)
50) Monitor Static Pages online via RSS (pagetiki)
51) Monitor the uptime of your server via RSS (RSS)
52) Get notified when someone comments on your blog (RSS)
53) Get links your friends post on Twitter (Pipe)
54) Track new software releases via VersionTracker (RSS)
55) Get the most interesting photos on Flickr (RSS)
56) Get viral videos from Youtube (RSS)
57) Create a Calendar Feed (RSS Calendar)
58) Turn RSS into a PDF (Feedbooks)
59) Keep up with specific Emails (MailBucket)
60) Monitor your Twitter reputation (RSS)
60) Monitor Public Folders in Microsoft Exchange (GSexDev)
61) Find out when a Wikipedia page changes (RSS)
62) The latest patents released by the US Gov via Freshpatents.com (RSS)

Music & Entertainment
63). Keep up with your favourite artist on last.fm (RSS)
64). Whats on in Northern Ireland (RSS)
65). Whats on in Northern Ireland cinemas (RSS)
66). Whats on in the rest of the UK (Link)
67). Competitions Teletext (RSS)
68) Watch for new music on iTunes (RSS)
69) Watch for top movies on Itunes (RSS)
70) Get your horoscope (RSS)
71). Learn a new word every day using RSS (RSS)
72). Get your recently played songs (RSS)
73). Find your most listened to artists (RSS)
74). Follow your favourite Comics (Tapestry)
75). Movies coming on the telebox UK Tv (RSS)
76). Highlights coming on UK tv (RSS)
77). Metacafe Top Videos (RSS)
78). Featured Videos from Yahoo (RSS)

Weird and Wonderful

79). Read a fortune Cookie (RSS)
80). Crime Monitoring in your area US only (CrimeBlock)
81). Plan a party . (Punchbowl)
82). Name a baby (RSS)
83). Joke of the Day. (RSS)
84). Urban Word of the Day (RSS)
85.) Pun of the Day (RSS)
86. Weird Blogs (RSS)

Social Bookmarking

87). Popurls Popular URLS from the Web (RSS)
88). Delicious. Popular stuff (RSS)
89). Digg. Popular Stuff (RSS)
90). Stumbleupon (RSS)
91). Magnolia (RSS)

Life, Love, Fruit of the Loom

92) Facebook – get updates on your friends status (RSS)
93) FriendFeed -monitor all of your friends (Friendfeed)
94). Speed dating updates from round the Globe (RSS)
95). RSS on Myspace
96). Relatioship Advice (RSS)

More Google

97) Google Trends (hourly) (RSS)
98) Evil RSS (RSS)


99) The lovely Yahoo Pipes (RSS)
100) Video Search to go (RSS)
101) Popular Pipes (RSS)

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