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6 inspiring colour tools web designers should bookmark

Paul Anthony / August 28, 2008

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Adobe Kuler


As you would expect from an Adobe App this Flash based application really comes into its own when you are creating complex colour schemes for your website.

You can share themes with other designers, comment on others creations and search for different colours that you want to use in your project. Oooh lovely. Best of all its FREE!

KrazyDad Flickr Picker


This is a great little application from Krazydad.com. Jim has created a Colour picker that looks through a selection of photography over at Flickr, and pulls them together around matching colours that you select in the interface, so for example if you are interested in using a colour scheme that you have chosen from Adobe Kuler, you can then search for complimentary colours from the Krazydad colour picker.

Make sure you check the rights or ask for permission from the photographer on Flickr before using a photo in a design project.

Multicolour Search Lab


Coming from innovative search technology company Idee – the multicolour search lab extracts the colours from 3 million Alamy Stock Photos and then using visual similarity technology you can navigate the collection by colour. You can also click any image in the collection to view it on Alamy or to view similar images in the visual search lab.

This is going to be the way forward for people like Istockphoto and Corbis if they are going to stay ahead of the curve, as web designers want to search for stunning photography, but often are looking for a photo with the right colour blends etc for it to fit perfectly.

Daily Colour Scheme


Obsessed with colour schemes? Yeah, me too. This site provides you with a new range of complimentary colours grouped into a colour scheme every day! You can take a browse through older colour schemes.

Best of all you can easily download the colour scheme as a CSS file, Adobe Photoshop colour table, HTML file, Adobe Illustrator file or all of the them as a ZIP. Brilliant.

Crown Paint – Colour tools


Inspiration doesn’t always come from the standard sources online, and whilst this isn’t a tool necessarily created for webdesigners, you can get ideas for colour from looking at how colour has an impact on your surroundings.

Crown have done a great job with their fun and flashy colour tool for determining what colours go well together.

Pick a colour and click on visualise to see the complimentary colours. Definitely one for web designers to bookmark.

Colour lovers

A great site for colour, colour lovers allows you to not get inspiration for colour, but also see what trends are cropping up in design portfolios across the web as well as traditional print magazines.

An interesting spin on a traditional gallery website showcase, and also helps you get feedback from a really helpful community.

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  1. hi, i’m a serverside-scripter / web developer, i’m very bad when it cums to choosing colors, but thanks to u , i now hav a couple of good schemes for various highlights , buttons, boxes and tabs…thanx a lot bro,…

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