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The most important Google news for a while.

Paul Anthony / October 23, 2008

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from the Google Analytics blog..

The Data Export API enables you to create software programs and applications using all read-only report level data from Analytics. The data exported can be used in any number of ways, such as building custom dashboards, creating data visualizations or interfaces, performing offline analysis, and combining/mashing Analytics data with other data sources. The API will be a platform for developers to extend Analytics data in new and practical ways, as far as can be imagined and implemented.

This my friends. Is going to be huge, for web publishers worldwide. For e-commerce customers. For pretty much anyone who looks at the current Analytics data and wants to integrate reporting with custom data. I’ve been hoping for an Analytics API for quite a while, and alas here it is.

More information on the new features we can hope to see in the coming weeks over at the official Google blog.

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