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What exactly is linkbait? A 5 minute guide to content promotion.

Paul Anthony / October 26, 2008

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One of the newest SEO strategies that are in use today is linkbait, if your SEO optimiser is still talking exclusively about on-page optimisation and keyword stuffing – 1995 called and they want their meta tags back. I’ve had a few people ask me recently what exactly linkbait is, so here’s a quick 5 minute guide.

What is linkbait?

But what exactly is linkbait and how can it help with SEO strategies?

Linkbait is about creating remarkable content. Full stop. If content is king then links are queen, and one of the best ways of attracting links is to create something on your site that provides your visitors with something they can’t get anywhere else, and is so comprehensive that it sticks in their mind as *the guide*, or *the resource* on topic x.

Of course it then helps to base it around your niche. A truely remarkable piece of linkbait will take you days to create, but once it is done, and published on your site it will become a snowball that continues to pick up links, and raise your profile on its own.

Why is it beneficial?

I’ve published content on here that have made me in other people’s eyes as a “retail blogger”, and as an “SEO expert”. Now for anyone that knows me, I certainly wouldn’t consider myself to be – after all at 25 you can’t be considered to be an expert on *anything*.

The great thing about link bait is that it will become viral, and depending on its nature, your visitors may even promote it for you. If you have read any of Seth Godin‘s books, you’ll understand that great content on your site is what Seth calls a purple cow – and it markets itself.

How can I make it work?

Think more deeply about the type of blog posts / web pages you create, and analyse the things your visitors are interested in from your Analytics. Listbait can attract new links and povide a boost in links, but generally doesn’t become the kind of thing that continues to attract them. It’s a bit more short lived. If you really want to score goals, go after the more comprehensive post that explains things in detail, and becomes a real resource.

Where can I promote it?

Great big snowballs always need a little push to get them started, i.e. you need to work at getting your best content in front of the people who are likely to promote it (and link to it). One of the easiest ways of doing this is via some of the social bookmarking tools on the web. Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, to list but a few. If like me you are in the web design niche, their are design specific bookmarking tools such as DesignBump, or DesignFloat. You can learn a bit more about social media marketing over on this post.

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