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JQuery Google co-op engine

Paul Anthony / December 29, 2008

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jqueryWas having a play about last night with Google co-op, and I’ve went to the trouble of collecting some JQuery plugin sites. So if you are looking for an accordion effect, or Coda popup bubbles, or apple menus or sortable table it’s a one stop shop. There are over 1048 sites being indexed for plugins at the minute, including the JQuery site itself, so chances are you’ll be able to find something of interest if you areĀ  a user of the JQuery library. Enjoy.

JQuery plugin search

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2 responses to “JQuery Google co-op engine

  1. Hey Paul,

    Came across your site from an old bookmark while surfing for some design ideas.

    Not only is this a handy tip for jQers, but I’ve got another 6-8 tabs of yours to check out, so I guess that either means your headings are compelling, else I’ve got a lot to learn, probably both!

    Thank you, top content. Subbed.

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