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Bounce rates as an SEO factor

Paul Anthony / January 2, 2009

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It’s been a long time prediction of many SEO’s that Google will start to watch out for bounce rates when indexing sites.. The underlying thought process being that a high bounce rate indicates a site which isn’t as worthy or interesting as a site with a low bounce. I’ve previously explained bounce rates and provided some advice on lowering your bounce rate.

Blackhat SEO showed us some interesting stats to show what they have found back in November in relation to bounce rates, but lets not get too carried away yet.

This article on bounce rates and google is definitely worth a read guys. I’m tending to agree with David, that behavioural metrics may affect SERP positions slightly but that they should be taken with a pinch of salt. They are as Matt Cutts has stated in the past “fuzzy or dirty” metrics that could be easily spammed in the future, and move away from the more algorithmic stuff that Google currently prides itself on.

Big thumbs up Dave to someone putting some perspective to this stuff within  the SEO industry. There are already too many myths floating around the web with regards this sort of thing.

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