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Content creation is only half the story.

Paul Anthony / January 13, 2009

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Not for goat farmers.
Not for goat farmers.

I’ve seen a few people recently who have been  blogging / video blogging about site promotion. Most of them fail to hit the nail firmly on the head. Whilst creating content on your site is important, its definitely not the only thing.

It’s not just as simple as creating content, or about just finding a niche. Blogging about goat farming in Uzbekistan, is not going to gain traffic. Choosing too small a niche is the primary reason many bloggers fail or fall off the bandwagon in their first year as they haven’t got enough to write about. It frustrates me to see this sort of advice being given out with little or no experience in site building / development or promotion.

It’s a matter of finding a balance between the mainstream and a niche, and then exploiting that. I like to think more along the lines of this  site / blog promotion formula.  I’m calling it the Paul Anthony RAW LIPS method. (Don’t ask me where the hell I’ve got that from. maybe its the time of year. I always seem to get mouth ulcers and sore lips in January.)

Rate (Other peoples work by commenting)

Comments are a great way to get noticed, especially if you move away from the simple one liner. Make your comment stand out from the crowd, and really contribute value to the blogger and article concerned. This can help make you an authority on what you are doing.

Attract (Plenty of outgoing links to attract other bloggers / webmasters)

The more you link out, the more you’ll get noticed via both referral strings, and pingbacks / trackbacks. Ultimately your goal should be to attract more subscribers to your blog. Offering email based subscription also opens you up to email marketing, so that when you publish new stuff, your subscribers get it direct to their door. Rather than having to “come and get it”. Pull technologies are where marketing is heading – not Push.

Write (create the content)

Keep creating regular useful content. Make your content tailored for your visitors, not for the search engines and the search engine traffic will follow.

Links (Build links manually, by asking or submitting your site to others) 

 I’ve a bit of an article over here on link building for dummies. Getting your site to go viral (i.e. to the top of social bookmarking sites etc), also results in inbound links. You’ll not notice until it happens to you, but due to the fact that many other sites reference the likes of delicious and Digg as what they are reading etc. this results in a major influx of links.

Incentivise (Develop ways to reward people who link to you)

If you happen to be selling something online, what do you do for the people who link to you? Do you offer discounts? Do you connect with them personally and thank them? Sometimes that is all you have to do. A little gratitude goes a long way. Always thank people who come back to your site on repeat visits. (Hi Dawn).

Promote (Highlight your best content)

It’s one thing writing great content, but do you show it off? The first decision someone makes when they hit your site will be – where do I go next. Make sure that your best and most popular content is clearly visible and easily browseable.

Seed (Social Media Marketing / Twitter)

Your goals for your site should be to make content go viral. If it’s good enough people will bookmark it for future reference. Here’s a guide to social media marketing if you are unfamiliar. Seeding your content gives your site a fighting chance, as it makes it alot easier for other people to a) notice it and b) promote it on your behalf.

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