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links and things 23/01/2009

Paul Anthony / January 23, 2009

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An interesting google related subdomain trick – can determine if you are banned or not
Stephen Fry sets one “L” of a challenge.
Phil’s letter to RTE – write and complain folks.
America’s new Robot file. A shift in thinking.  Obviously related to the new site.
100 awesome twitter icons and buttons. Might use some of these in my new site design.
Google’s API Playground. Nice.
30 memorable business card designs.
http://short.ie/anfr4p – On twitter? John needs your help. Time is running out. Please vote and retweet.
A wicked good follower mosaic – i liked this so much I posted it earlier today.  Laura liked it too.
HubDub gets it right. MS lose some fat.

Twitter user Friday links:

Justin has some great mapping tools for your blog.
Dawn is running a workshop on Workplace confidence and Assertiveness at QUB.
Tom wants some Diggs on this
Fergal wants to mention his forum.
Aaron wants some link love for Lisnagarvey Operatic Society.
John wants to say a personal hello with his site.

Think I’ll make the Twitter user links a regular thing. Tweet me things of interest during the week and I’ll get them up. Prefer to link to deep links rather than home page, but lets see how things go  @webireland if you were wondering.

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