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Linky Pimp Friday 13/02/09

Paul Anthony / February 13, 2009

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Hamster Burial and a couple of other business ideas

We got a scoop on Twitter and scored a few links from (ReadWriteWeb / SocialTimes / Business Insider)

How to nuture your inner freelancer

Story and Strategy from ThirstyFish. Stories are really important in branding.

An oldie but a goodie on creating a Twitter bot.

Instructables. Time to break out the soldering iron. Awesome. Crafty stuff in there too.

One of the best sample of One Page Sites i’ve seen. Alex Buga. Seems there’s a bit of a design trend happening for 2009.

Some Norn’ Iron Tees.

The Yahoo best practises for speeding up a slow site.

SEO  Strategies to make you think.

It’s time to party like it’s 1234567890

Generations online in 2009. Some great research.

Why we are all imposters.

Twitter Aggregation – Particls

A faster smarter better blog.

Where’s Waldo on Google Earth.

Google not immune to the economy, and trims down.

TwitterKeys either here or here

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  1. this is my first visit to this blog from google blog search, you are covering good points , thanks a lot for posting some valuable stuff, subscribing to your feed :)

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