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How the snowball rolls, a lesson in reputation management.

Paul Anthony / February 25, 2009

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lyinairReputation management is a business area that is becoming more and more important. The social web has made it that bit easier for negative PR to gain traction, and with the automatic instinct of people to go directly to Google to find out about a business becoming more prevalent, its never been more important to learn the ways and means of protecting your brand name online. This week has seen two social media faux pas within the irish web community.

Firstly there is the case of RyanAir verses idiot bloggers.

Jason Roe was on the receiving disparaging comments on his blog after reporting a website bug, directly from RyanAir staff. We may have played a teeny tiny role in that particular snowball.

It all started as a Twitter conversation, where both myself (and others were asking for details of the bug from Jason).





The end result being some major PR damage for RyanAir online, which escalated into negative press across several high profile media outlets.  The Guardian, CNN, The Telegraph, The Register, The Times Online and Sky News. Other’s suggested that RyanAir’s online PR is part of a bigger reputation problem.

RTE – reported on it.

Secondly tonight’s Fianna Fail’s social media failure.

Bloggers are enraged that a Fianna Fail event with a member of Obama’s web team turned into a party political broadcast, rather than the advertised seminar. Using Joe Rospars, as a political carrot, is not going to win you votes.

So what can you learn from this? Basically, that as time goes on, breaking news is going to be solely broken on the web, including mico blogging services such as Twitter. Everyone now has the potential to be a journalist for the day. Professional Journo’s you need to get in on the game, and listen to the Twitter stream closely if they want to grab a scoop.

DIY Brand monitoring tools are readily available, but if you aren’t closely monitoring your brand online, and extinguishing the flames politely instead of adding to them at the source you risk the snowball getting bigger and bigger.

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