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Creative businesses forum lauched!

Paul Anthony / March 3, 2009

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stockxpertcom_id171566_jpg_4c364408518a51dce0e2908ede98922dAt the weekend, quietly,  I launched a forum for discussing all things web design / development / small business related. This should become an extension of the blog, giving users an opportunity to participate a bit deeper and engage with the site. We hope for it to become a resource for creative industries / small business / web monkey’s / bloggers  in Northern Ireland to discuss a whole host of things web related.

I’m offering not one, but two competitions to get the ball rolling. A month best post will be run for the site, which will be voted for by members, and I’m also running a comp to decide on the forum ranks.

Ultimately this is something that I’d love for you guys to take part in. As I’ve said in a post, the pioneers will be rewarded as time goes on.

This would be a great opportunity for our RSS subscribers to take that leap and say hello, and introduce yourself. I’d love to get to know a few of you a bit better, and hey if you can start a thread or two to help get things started, I’d really appreciate it.

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