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Yahoo launches new Twitter tool Sideline

Paul Anthony / March 31, 2009

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An interesting move by Yahoo today, as they launch their own Twitter search tool. An indicator no doubt of the importance that is being placed on Twitter as a platform for search.  Like some of the Adobe AIR  applications that have preceeded it (Tweetdeck and rTweeter) – it is built using Adobe air, which offers a cross platform way to deploy an application. We’ve already seen Microsoft getting in on some Twitter action earlier in the month, and now Yahoo has showed its interest as well.

Essentially it allows users to create and group custom queries by topics of interest, (or hashtags) as they are known in the twitter world.

Sideline is an open source application released under the BSD license. The first beta release is out and the code is hosted on github.

If you want to download or take for a spin, the main site for sideline can be found here.

Yahoo sideline

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